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Dr. Stone Season 3: Release Date, Visuals, and Trailers

Dr Stone is a survivor’s tale about humans in a world without technology but with the remembrance of the society that came before. After the conclusion of Season 2, the creators of the series immediately released an announcement confirming the release of a third season!

In Dr Stone, a green light engulfs the whole planet, petrifying humanity into stone sculptures. Thousands of years pass by, and an Earth without humanity and the remains of civilization rot away, letting return and take its course.

But while the majority is frozen in stone, some manage to remain mentally conscious. These are the protagonists, Senkuu, a teenage genius who counted each second he spent frozen to keep his mind active, and Taiju, who froze mid-confession and never let love escape from his mind.   

After their miraculous awakening, Senkuu and Taiju set out to restore humanity’s post-stone technological glory.

1. Release Date

Dr. Stone Season 3 has officially been confirmed via the official Twitter handle of the series! Dr. Stone S3 will be released by Summer 2022 based on the trajectory of the two seasons so far.

The official Twitter handle for the anime revealed that the series will be making a return soon.

Anime” #DrSTONE The sequel production has been decided! Thank you very much for your continued support and comments in the second season! The next adventure of the science kingdom-the great voyage to the sea has been revealed in a PV.

Stay tuned for more news! Thank you for your continued support, “Dr Stone”!

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2. Visuals & Trailers

A promotional video has been released for Season 3 of Dr Stone. The video shows us a glimpse of the Exploration Arc from the manga series. We’ll see Senku and team building Perseus, majestic enough to make Thousand Sunny jealous. We don’t exactly know the plot of Season 3, but fans can take a sigh of relief knowing it’s coming.

Dr. Stone Season 3 - Official Trailer [English Subtitles]
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3. About Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone is a Japanese manga series written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi. It serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump since 6th March 2017, with the individual chapters collected and published by Shueisha into thirteen tankōbon volumes as of November 2019.

Every human on the planet was turned into Stone after a mysterious flash of light hit Earth. Four thousand years after Senku, a student is confronted with a brand new world, an Earth without Humanity.

Now animals rule the world, and nature has reclaimed the planet. Senku and his friend Taiju begin trying to find a way to restore humanity.

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