Can Dom Keep his Family Safe till the End? Fast X Trailer Breakdown

The Fast and the Furious films have gotten faster and more furious with every installment, and the upcoming Fast X is no different. The trailer is a whopping 4-minute long and hints at how outrageous and high-octane the first of the two-part finale will be.

New characters like Brie Larson, Rita Moreno, and others are introduced, along with the big-bad boy, Jason Mamoa. The ensemble is getting bigger by the minute, but the perceived dangers that are foreshadowed in the trailer tell us that many characters might perish before the second part.

The foremost reason for starting the Fast and the Furious franchise was luxurious cars and wrecking them in high-octane races, and the makers haven’t forgotten that even as we near the end.

The only difference is that now the stakes are much higher. As Dominic Toretto says in the trailer, “Winning used to be about winning. We raced for respect. Today, I race to stop the bloodbath.”

So, strap your seatbelts and be ready to hit the red nitro button as we speed our way into this trailer’s breakdown.

Let’s start by watching the trailer.

FAST X | Official Trailer

The 4-minute trailer uses every available frame to induce a dopamine rush like never before. There is action, emotion, drama, love, revenge, politics, and, most importantly, supercars!

What else could you want?

The Family is Growing

Can Dom Keep his Family Safe till the End? A Fast X Trailer Breakdown
Dom and Abuela Toretto

The franchise made the Toretto residence in LA even more fabulous by having Rita Moreno show up as Abuela Toretto in the trailer. Dressed in white and gold, she addresses the entire family, reminiscent of Last Supper.

There’s everyone in the circle, including Han (Sung Kang), Roman (Tyrese Gibson), Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), British hacktivist Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel), and Tej (Ludacris).

Moreno says, “I know that this road has been very hard, and yet, here you are, building this magnificent family.”

Can we expect her to get behind the steering and hit the fifth gear in a Dodge Charger? Maybe yes!

Dom’s favorite vehicle is shown in the trailer, but it now has an entirely different meaning. What once meant freedom for him is now a legacy to pass on to his little son, Brian.

Dom has always been the fearless guy, but he has someone to take care of this time. He is scared for the safety of someone very special, and that’s where Jason Mamoa’s Dante comes in to wreak havoc. Dante unleashes total and absolute revenge for some deep-rooted reason which we will know once the movie releases.

Dante, The Big, Bad Dude

Can Dom Keep his Family Safe till the End? A Fast X Trailer Breakdown
Dante, the big, bad dude

Dante has always been a part of the story, working silently in the background. The series reminds us of the heist the racers pulled off in Brazil in Fast Five (2011).

Dante is the son of the Brazilian drug Lord in Fast Five, Hernan Reyes(Joaquim de Almeida), who got killed in the iconic bridge face-off.

Dante is now back in Fast X to unleash hell upon Dom.

Dante: You built such a beautiful life, full of love and family, and I’m going to break yours. Piece by piece.

During this scene, the trailer also shows clips of Paul Walker, which is yet another way of keeping the great man’s legacy alive.

Dante’s introduction in the trailer intensifies the plot exponentially. Explosives are detonating everywhere, and the wrecked cars are flipping over like massive fireballs.

Also, a massive metallic ball rolls through the city streets and literally snaps a bus in half like a matchstick.

A New Ally

The trailer introduces a new ally, Tess (Brie Larson), and she knows that Dante’s threats are not mindless. Other characters like Dom’s estranged brother Jakob and his sister Mia return too.

Jakob makes a grand entry, exploding cars and blasting his way through SWAT team members, while Mia looks to be in a state of peril. This isn’t good news for Jakob’s sister, as the trailer heavily hints at someone’s demise.

Meanwhile, Letty and Cipher find themselves inside a medical facility and wake up in adjacent beds. Time is not wasted in greetings as they immediately start throwing punches and knees to take each other down.

Never accept death, when suffering is owed

The last part of the trailer perfectly showcases Dante’s wrath as he kidnaps Dom’s son Brian and lures his father out to a bridge.

In the next scene, Dom appears out of nowhere as a huge plane lowers his car on the bridge. His supercar is held by two helicopters by a rope, but he manages to use the string to bring them crashing down. Is there anything this man can’t do?

The biggest thing about the trailer is that it shows the importance of racing in the film. The final sequences will surely have Dom and Dante racing to find who wins the ultimate fight. It’s the race between good and evil, and for Dom, a final attempt to keep his family intact.

Like any other world-class trailer, this one is filled with witty one-liners that just turn up the intensity by a few notches.

“That’s the problem with having such a big family. How do you choose the ones you save?’, Dante says after kidnapping Brian.

Dante will make sure that he makes the Toretto family feel every bit of the pain he felt when his father died, without caring that he was a drug lord. We might not see a big body count in this film since the second part is about to follow.

This doesn’t take anything away from Fast X. We will surely see a cliffhanger in the end that will bleed into the second part.

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About Fast X

Fast X is an upcoming action film involving street racing directed by Louis Leterrier. The film is the tenth installment in the Fast And Furious franchise and is the first part in the two-part finale of the film series, collectively known as The Fast Saga.

The film stars an ensemble cast including Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Jason Momoa, Nathalie Emmanuel, Jordana Brewster, John Cena, Jason Statham, Sung Kang, Alan Ritchson, Daniela Melchior, Scott Eastwood, Helen Mirren, Charlize Theron, Brie Larson, and Rita Moreno.

Fast X is scheduled to be released in the United States on May 19, 2023, by Universal Pictures. Its sequel, intended to be the main series’ final installment, is also in development.

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