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Was Takemichi Able to Save Hinata in Tokyo Revengers?

Hinata Tachibana is the only girlfriend Takemichi had in his life. She was brave, courageous and highly optimistic and had an optimistic personality. She was able to slap Mikey to save her boyfriend when she thought he was in trouble.

She was however killed in the original timeline due to the delinquents of the Tokyo Manji Gang. She’s the main reason Takemichi wanted to change the past. Despite all his attempts, she was killed in⁶ every timeline.

So, did Takemichi manage to save Hinata in the end? Let’s find out!

Takemichi’s former girlfriend, Hinata, gets killed in the accident caused by Toman. Takemichi decides to change it and save Hinata, however, faces multiple defeats much to his dismay. However, he finally manages to save Hinata in the end.

1. How did Hinata die in the original timeline?

In the original timeline, Takemichi becomes a pushover and a total loser. He gets to know that Hinata was killed in an accident along with her brother, Naoto.

In this timeline, Mikey turns evil after the death of Draken and Kisaki becomes the acting leader of Toman. This caused the Tokyo Manji Gang to become corrupted over the years.

Kisaki being the leader of Toman, and having an altercation with Mikey would ultimately result in the death of Hinata during a brawl.

Was Takemichi Able to Save Hinata in Tokyo Revengers?
Takemichi finds out about Hinata’s death | Source: Fandom

2. Takemichi Tries to Save Draken and Hinata!

Akkun, in the original timeline, becomes a small-time thief after going to jail for stabbing Kiyomasa. However, this is changed after Takemichi decides to take a stand and is interrupted by Mikey and Draken.

This prevents Akkun from stabbing Kiyomasa and he becomes the manager of Toman. Takemichi assumes that Akkun is living his best life but it is later revealed that he is absolutely terrified and commits suicide.

In the process, he reveals that Mikey changed due to Draken’s death. Takemichi now wants to save Draken, so he can save both Akkun and Hinata.

After going through an entire ordeal he finally manages to save Draken and returns to the future assuming that everything is alright. Even so, Akkum rams the car into Hinata’s and dies as well, repeating the story. The cause, Kisaki!

Was Takemichi Able to Save Hinata in Tokyo Revengers?
Takemichi attends Hinata’s funeral | Source: Fandom

3. Takemichi Becomes Corrupt!

In his second attempt, he tries to save Baji from getting killed by Kazutora. Takemichi was not able to save Baji from getting killed. To make matters worse, he also becomes corrupt in this timeline and orders to kill Hinata.

We also find out that Takemichi kills Hinata because Kisaki kept annoying himto do so.

4. Happily Ever After…Not!

In one of the timelines, Kisaki is seen dying which solves all of Takemichi’s problems. He can save everyone from their demise and all of them are finally happy except Mikey.

He, however, chooses to find Mikey and gets shot

before the wedding leading to the breakup. He then decides to go back and change the past, so Mikey can have a better future as well.

5. Takemichi Finally Saves Hinata!

Takemichi and Mikey were able to return to a time when they were just children and managed to change all events that were going to take place and saved everyone including Hinata.

The last chapter of Tokyo Revengers concluded the series by giving every character a happy ending. They are seen attending Takemichi and Hinata’s marriage.

Was Takemichi Able to Save Hinata in Tokyo Revengers?
Takemichi and Hinata’s marriage | Source: Fandom

6. Why does Kisaki kill Hinata?

Kisaki becomes obsessed with Hinata from a young age and gets jealous of Takemichi. Kisaki always wanted to propose to Hina after becoming the greatest delinquent.

However, Hina rejects him in every timeline and this causes him to order other members of the group to kill her.

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7. About Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers is a manga written and illustrated by Ken Wakui. It began serialization in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine on March 1, 2017, and ended its run in November 2022. It is compiled into 30 tankobon volumes.

The story revolves around Takemichi Hanagaki, who learned that Tokyo Manji Gang had killed his only ex-girlfriend from back in middle school. After learning about the incident, Takemichi was pushed from the railway platform.

Landing on the tracks, he closed his eyes, accepting his death, but when he opened his eyes, he had time-leapt 12 years into the past.

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