All the Character Deaths in The Continental Series Explained

The Continental, just like the John Wick films, is filled with bloody violence and deaths. We know that Winston Scott and Charon are safe, as we see them in the movie. But many characters in major and minor roles don’t make it out alive in The Continental.

The following Characters meet their fate in the Continental:

1. Frankie

Unfortunately, Frankie, Winston’s brother, meets his fate much earlier in the series. Frankie dies in The Continental’s premiere while trying to protect Winston and Yen.

Frankie, Yen, and Winston get chased by Cormac’s men, and the three board a helicopter to escape. However, a pair of twin assassins hired by Cormac arrive and don’t stop shooting.

Frankie realizes that he is the reason Yen and Wilson are in danger. He says that they only want him and the coin press. Frankie jumps off the helicopter, taking the coin press box with him. Unfortunately, one of the twins shoots him in the head.

It is further revealed that there is no coin press inside the box. When Cormac opens the box, he sees a golden monkey giving him the finger.

Frankie’s death in The Continental explains why we don’t see him in the John Wick films. Frankie is not even mentioned in the John Wick films by Winston.

However, his importance in the series is evident. In fact, despite Frankie’s death in The Continental’s premiere, his presence is still felt throughout.

The most significant events in The Continental series are tied to Frankie like Winston vowing revenge against Cormac.

Does Someone Die in The Continental?
Ben Robson in The Continental (2023) | Source: IMDb

2. Cormac

The biggest twist reveal was that Winston did not kill Cormac in the finale of the Continental. Cormac meets his end at the hands of KD. It is revealed that when Winston and Frankie burned down a building in their youth, KD’s family was inside, though they were unaware.

Although Cormac was aware of the family, he intentionally withheld that information, wanting Frankie and Winston to cross a line and get “the taste of death.” As Cormac explains, this is how he builds soldiers. When KD arrives, she shoots Cormac in the head, exacting her long-awaited vengeance.

She decides to spare Winston, telling him, “Be seeing you” before departing.

Although Winston sought retribution against Cormac, he did not get to be the one who took his life. Instead, KD settles her score for her family’s death and kills Cormac, bringing closure to her story while leaving Winston’s future uncertain.

3. The Adjudicator

The Adjudicator meets her fate in The Continental finale. After Winston takes control over The Continental, Katie McGrath’s Adjudicator arrives and informs him that the premises are under a temporary suspension of the usual functions until the High Table deems otherwise.

She also tells him that the hotel wasn’t his to take and warns him that he has no idea who he’s dealing with. She adds that the High Table won’t speak to him.

Winston responds, “They will now,” and shoots the Adjudicator.

He did so to send the High Table a message. We also see what’s beneath the Adjudicator’s mask, which isn’t pretty. It also explains Cormac’s reaction when the Adjudicator removed her mask in the second episode.

4. Hansel & Gretel

The assassin twins die in The Continental finale. Lou and Miles kill Hansel, while Yen, Frankie’s wife, kills Gretel.

Gretel was the one who shot Frankie in the first episode, which is why Yen wanted to kill her specifically. A fight occurs between Yen and Gretel, ending in the female assassin’s demise.

Does Someone Die in The Continental?
Marina Mazepa, Mark Musashi, and Colin Woodell in The Continental | Source: IMDb

5. Lemmy

Lemmy dies in The Continental finale, too. He was an ally of Lou and Miles, who helped Winston infiltrate the hotel. Lemmy helps Miles when Hansel corners him.

Unfortunately, Hansel sends a grenade back to Lemmy, resulting in the latter’s death. Lemmy dies in Winston’s arms, with Winston telling him, “Godspeed, Lemmy.”

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6. About The Continental: From the World of John Wick

The Continental: From the World of John Wick (or simply The Continental) is an American crime drama television miniseries developed by Greg Coolidge, Kirk Ward and Shawn Simmons that serves as a prequel spin-off in the John Wick franchise.

Coolidge and Ward writes and serves as showrunners for the series. The first and third episodes were directed by Albert Hughes, and Mel Gibson stars in the show.

The series premiered on September 22, 2023 on Peacock in the United States.


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