Complete List of Every Major Character Death in Andor

As a deep dive into the early days of the Rebel Alliance, Andor is a somber, engaging, and mesmerizing tale. For those who have already watched Rogue One, it is no surprise seeing rebels go through some really tough, often life-threatening, situations in Andor.

Season 1 depicts how many of these characters meet quick deaths. So if you’re looking for definitive list of who doesn’t make it out alive, here you go:

The major deaths in Andor season 1 are Lieutenant Gorn, Taramyn, Skeen, Nemik, and Maarva. The rebels die due to their mission on Aldhani in Andor S1 Ep 6, while Maarva dies of natural causes in S1 Ep 11.

Read on for a more detailed recap about these character deaths. Plus, I also provide answers for other pressing questions: Is Kino dead? Will Cassian survive Andor S2? Will we see more of Karn and Dedra? If you’re curious, let’s get into it!

1. List of Character Deaths in Andor Season 1

I. How did Lieutenant Gorn die? (Episode 6)

Complete List of Every Major Character Death in Andor
Lieutenant Gorn

When Gorn was stationed on Aldhani, he fell in love with a local there. Sadly, she was killed due to the actions of the Empire, which made him turn on them. He then began working as a double agent for Vel.

His journey comes to an end during Cassian’s first mission in Andor Ep 6. During the gunfight, Gorn was caught in the crossfire and died in the process.

II. How did Taramyn Barcona die? (Episode 6)

Complete List of Every Major Character Death in Andor
Taramyn Barcona

Taramyn used to be a Stormtrooper, but no one knows the exact reason for his defection. He did retain some of his more aggressive, authoritative side from his days of serving the Empire.

Taramyn too dies during the Aldhani mission depicted in Andor Ep 6. He was trying to reach the shuttle but got shot by an Imperial Officer before he could make it.

III. How did Arvel Skeen die? (Episode 6)

Complete List of Every Major Character Death in Andor
Arvel Skeen

When Vel inducted Cassian into the Aldhani mission, Skeen was one of the first to disapprove of him. So it is indeed surprising that at the end of the mission, Skeen asks Cassian to betray the rebels and run away with the credits with him.

This digression cost him his life. Cassian was infuriated with Skeen’s plan of running away from the rebels’ credits and shot him dead in retaliation.

IV. How did Karis Nemik die? (Episode 6)

Complete List of Every Major Character Death in Andor
Karis Nemik

Nemik was an understanding and open-minded member of the rebel crew who did not oppose Cassian’s inclusion. His kind nature is what makes his short-lived appearance so sad.

While heading back to the ship after the Aldhani mission, Nemik gets struck by a credits carton, which fatally wounds him. Although he is taken to a doctor, he succumbs to his injuries. As his dying wish, he left his manifesto for Cassian.

V. How did Maarva Andor die? (Episode 11)

How did Maarva Andor die? (Episode 11)
Maarva Andor

Maarva, as you already know, is Cassian’s adoptive mother, who did her best to always protect Cassian. Sadly, her journey comes to an end in Episode 11.

There is not much known about how Maarva dies, other than she dies of natural causes/an illness. While there’s no suspicion of foul play at the moment, the ISB try to use her funeral her death as a way to lure Cassian out. Thankfully, they fail.

2. Did Kino Loy die in Andor season 1?

Kino Loy

The latest Andor query on your mind must be whether or not Kino Loy is dead. The character was brought into Andor in Ep 8 as a floor manager to Cassian’s prison unit.

Although at first stern and antagonistic towards Cassian, he soon accepts that they must work together in order to escape. In Ep 10, Cassian and the team are able to break out of prison by flooding it, however, Kino reveals he cannot swim and remains behind.

Does this mean he dies off-camera? No, Kino Loy is very much alive, according to an EW interview with director Toby Hanes.

But we still don’t know what happens to the character next as that is still kept under wraps by creator Tony Gilroy. Maybe Kino will return in Andor season 2?

3. Luthen die in season 2?

Will Luthen die in season 2?
Luthen Rael

There is a high possibility that Luthen Rael may die in Andor season 2.

It’s not wrong to speculate that Luthen may not make it out alive, for there were no mentions of him in Rogue One. Some believe that this could be because he gets arrested or/and executed by the Empire.

If we want to look at a theory with a silver lining, an explanation for why Luthen wasn’t mentioned in Rogue One is that he continued to stay successfully undercover. This means he could’ve survived S2, but only time will tell!

4. Will Dedra and Karn die in Andor season 2?

As of now, it is unsure if Syril Karn and Dedra Meero will die in Andor season 2.

Both of them have been originally created for the show, so there’s no telling what may happen to them in season 2. These two characters have been pitted as season 1’s main antagonists, and despite the reluctance, it seems like Dedra will have to team up with Karn.

Will Dedra and Karn die in Andor season 2?
Dedra Meero

There is a slight possibility that they may survive season 2 but I believe they may die during the crossfire. After all, they are minor villains who won’t be missed that much in the greater schemes of the Star Wars universe.

Worse, if their higher-ups in the Empire find out that they failed to thwart the Rebels, they may get punished by the same fascist authority they revere — Now that would be poetic!

5. Will Cassian die in Andor season 2?

No, Cassian won’t die in Andor season 2. His last mission will be the Rogue One mission that takes places directly after the events of Andor S2.

Will Cassian die in Andor season 2?
Cassian Andor

Cassian’s story is a bit of a bittersweet ride. On one hand, veteran fans know that his journey will come to an end in Rogue One when he dies while trying to steal the plans of the Death Star.

It’s these very blueprints that kickstart the events of A New Hope and without which, the Skywalkers wouldn’t be able to defeat Vader.

On the other hand, at least this provides Andor’s viewers with some comfort that they can enjoy S2 without the fear of their beloved protagonist dying at the end of the show.

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6. About Andor

Andor is an American television series created by Tony Gilroy for the streaming service Disney+. It is a prequel to the Star Wars film Rogue One (2016), following the character Cassian Andor five years before the events of the film.

Set five years before Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Andor will see Cassian in his formative years as he becomes the charismatic Rebel and espionage master.

Diego Luna, Alan Tudyk, Stellan Skarsgaard, Adria Arjona, Fiona Shaw, and others star in the show. The series premiered on Disney+ on September 21, 2022, with the first three episodes.

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