Noelle Gets Undine! Is she the strongest spirit user?

Things are looking up for the Clover Kingdom Magic Knights after Magna took down Dante in a very fiery fashion. Sure, taking Zenon and Megicula down won’t be easy, but the mages are now armed with the Heart Kingdom’s Mana Method and the Elf Tribe’s Ultimate Magic.

Oh, wait! I forgot about the most badass buffs of all – Noelle got the water spirit Undine and rose above arcane stage mages with her new power – the saint stage.

Noelle, Loropechika, and Nero might have failed to defeat Vanica the first time around, but Noelle’s newfound power could turn the tide against the bloodthirsty devil this time.

Noelle gets the water spirit in Chapter 295. After Lolopechka’s curse was triggered, it affected Undine severing their contract. Lolopechka was taken hostage, so Undine chose to join forces with Noelle. Together they reached a new stage of magic called the Saint Stage.

It seemed unlikely that Noelle would get the water spirit so soon, considering Undine’s loyalty to Lolopechka and the Heart Kingdom’s queens for several generations.

However, Noelle has been growing exponentially since her biggest powerup during the Elf Resurrection Arc. The six months of training might not have been enough to take down Vanica the first time, but it was enough to have Undine choose her when things got rough.

1. What happened between Undine, Lolopechka, and Noelle?

In Chapter 240, Vanica and her dark disciples attacked the Heart Kingdom while Dante and Zenon were busy retrieving William and Yami.

Lolopechka and Noelle worked together to distract Vanica so Nero could seal her away, but Vanica weakened the spell array using Megicula’s Curse Warding magic. Megicula then cursed Undine in Chapter 254, musing that it was a good experiment, having never cursed a spirit before. Lolopechka’s curse, too, was triggered by Megicula being in close proximity.

Noelle Gets Undine! Is she the strongest spirit user?
Noelle, Lolopechka and Vanica | Source: Fandom

Just as Vanica was about to kill Lolopechka, Noelle rushed in to save her, attacking Vanica despite the power difference. Noelle’s armor reminded Vanica of Acier, Noelle’s mother, who she’d fought several years ago. She remembered how Acier had gotten stronger when a little child was taken hostage and took Lolopechka hostage, hoping Noelle would get stronger and fight her again.

Vanica activated a spell called Exploding Life on each of her dark disciples as she left, creating large explosions. Luckily, the Clover Kingdom mages and the Spirit Guardians fighting the dark disciples were rescued by the Elf Tribe in Chapter 265 and brought to Elysia, the elves’ new village.

Patolli then revealed there was a way for Noelle and the others to get stronger. Using the Mana Method of the Heart Kingdom let them use more magic than they actually had, allowing them to use Ultimate Magic– an esoteric technique only elves with vast magic could otherwise use.

However, In Chapter 295, Dryad, the guardian deity of the Elysia, revealed that there was another power Noelle had to acquire before Ultimate Magic. Undine then revealed herself and that she had moved to the grimoire of another qualified mage to regain her strength and mana after Megicula’s Curse Warding magic had sapped her strength and dissolved her contract with Lolopechka– that qualified mage being Noelle.

Noelle Gets Undine! Is she the strongest spirit user?
Megicula | Source: Fandom

The Dryad divulged that besides Arcane Stage mages, there was another possible way to defeat Vanica. The Saint Stage— a stage that could purify malice and destroy devils that only spirit hosts could attain. Despite having vast magic, Lolopechka wasn’t able to reach Saint Stage since she couldn’t learn a single attack spell due to her kindness. Undine, too kept it hidden from Lolopechka, wanting her to remain kind. Noelle then asked Undine to join her, vowing to defeat Vanica and rescue Lolopechka.

2. Will Undine Stay with Noelle?

Undine loves Lolopechka and has been loyal to the Heart Kingdom for generations. Noelle and Undine do not get along, but Undine has admitted to Noelle’s skill. Undine will likely not stay with Noelle unless Lolopechka dies or Noelle is declared the future queen of the Heart Kingdom.

Noelle Gets Undine! Is she the strongest spirit user?
Undine | Source: Fandom

Undine has been loyal to the Heart Kingdom ever since she met their first queen and chose her to be her host. Since then, she has protected the Heart Kingdom for several generations since she also liked its people. Undine loved Lolopechka so much she kept her knowledge of the Saint Stage hidden, not wanting Lolopechka to lose her kindness or have to fight.

Undine referred to Noelle as noisy, ill-mannered, and belligerent. Yet, she admitted Noelle had what it takes to become a spirit host and joined forces with her since they had the same goal in mind.

Lolopechka’s curse was triggered by Megicula in Chapter 254, after which Vanica took her to the Spade Kingdom. However, Lolopechka isn’t dead. As of Chapter 294, Lolopechka is being controlled by Vanica.

3. Is Noelle the strongest spirit user?

Noelle is arguably the strongest spirit user at present. She is the only one who has attained Saint Stage as of Chapter 295.

Noelle Gets Undine! Is she the strongest spirit user?
Noelle Silva | Source: Fandom

At a glance, Fuegoleon and Yuno seem to have more magic or at least have displayed more skill with spirit magic. Noelle has struggled with magic control for most of the series, making her seem weaker, but it seems she has gained an edge over the other two known spirit users.

So far, only Yuno and Noelle have used Spirit Dive, and only Noelle has attained Saint Stage. As a Saint Stage mage, Noelle has a clear advantage over devils that the others do not yet.

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4. About Black Clover

Black Clover is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since February 16, 2015.

The story centers around Asta, a young boy seemingly born without any magic power, something that is unknown in the world he lives in; and his foster brother Yuno who received the rare four-leaf grimoire and has more magic power than most people! With his fellow mages from the Black Bulls, Asta plans to become the next Wizard King.


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