Does Liam have an Affair with Eva in Dynasty?

Dynasty season 4’s last two episodes revealed how Fallon cheated on Liam with Colin. However, it also unraveled the person who was partially responsible for it – Eva, Fallon’s assistant.

Eva, who was obsessed with Liam after reading his book, wanted to drive a wedge between him and Fallon and even managed to do so by orchestrating the events around the couple. She was the reason why Liam came to know about Fallon and Colin. It was the last straw that’d result in the two splitting.

But what about Liam and Eva. Did the two ever sleep together? Did Liam have an affair with Eva?

Does Liam have an affair with Eva in Dynasty?
Liam | Source: Fandom

No, Liam did not have an affair with Eva. As he told Fallon, he never slept with Eva and only considered her a good friend who was there for him every time Fallon wasn’t. However, Eva was obsessed with Liam to the point where she wanted to cause a rift between him and Fallon and marry him.

The Carringtons have never had a steady marriage, and in this case, Fallon is no exception to the pattern. Although Eva might have nudged her towards Colin by putting the two into the same room, it was Fallon who went through with the deed.

So Eva’s role in this entire so-called conspiracy doesn’t absolve Fallon of her doings. On the other hand, Liam was never into Eva. In fact, Liam had several opportunities to sleep with Eva and cheat on Fallon, but he never did.

For instance, Eva paid a surprise visit at the award function with a lucky charm for Liam when Fallon couldn’t. The pair was also together at the rock climber’s gym.

Even after being betrayed by Fallon he was still in love with her and considered Eva only as a friend who’s there in time of need. So, when Eva tried to kiss him, he refused and realized how Fallon was right all along.

Does Liam have an affair with Eva in Dynasty?
Fallon | Source: Fandom

All these things clearly point to the fact that Liam not only didn’t sleep with Eva, he never intended to in the first place.

Will Liam Get Back Together with Fallon?

Considering Liam knows the truth about Eva and how she orchestrated the whole thing, Liam does empathize with everything Fallon said. However, it doesn’t change the fact that Fallon cheated on him.

Does Liam have an affair with Eva in Dynasty?
Fallon And Liam | Source: IMDb

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In the climax of the finale, Liam goes to the gala to support the family, and there he admits that Fallon was right. He tells her he’s not forgiven her, and the two still need to work on many things, but he is willing to try.

This clearly indicates that the two will give their marriage another shot. I believe that the two would possibly get back together after crossing the difficult phase they’re currently going through.

Whether that happens or not, we will only know in Dynasty season 5, which will take a long time to come out.

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