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Will Isshiki Resurrect in Kawaki’s Body in the Boruto Series?

All the fans have been suspicious of Kawaki ever since the first episode. The scene made it seem like Kawaki, or rather the possessed Kawaki, is responsible for the upcoming death of Naruto. So today’s topic will be whether this speculation will come true or not.

There are certain factors that need to be considered to possess a vessel’s body, first, a Karma seal, and second a compatible body. In Kawaki’s case, both these conditions are already fulfilled, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if, one day, Isshiki will possess Kawaki. But will Isshiki eventually take over Kawaki’s body like Jigen, or has he already succeeded in doing so?

As per the story progression in the recent arc of the manga, Isshiki has not taken over Kawaki. Kawaki lost his karma completely during Jigen’s battle with Koji. With Kawaki’s current state, there are slim chances of Isshiki’s resurrection in Kawaki.

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1. How Did Kawaki Lose His Karma?

A lot of things are happening in the manga; the story is getting more complex. We are getting character development, and bad guys are joining hands with Hokage and leading the path of retribution.

Will Isshiki Resurrect in Kawaki’s Body in the Boruto Series?
Amado | Source: Fandom

I kid you not; Amado is finally on the good side, and it turns out he was scheming a big conspiracy. Amado was always against Kara while working secretly towards their destruction. He approaches Naruto with the same objective in mind and explains the needed informationー the Karma and Otsutsuki.

Amado devises a plan to lure out Isshiki that is hidden inside Jigen’s body. Koji is also a part of this plan; he burns Jigen’s physical body down, forcing Isshiki to resurrect in Jigen’s body. However, the task is unfavorable for Isshiki as Jigen’s body cannot support his overbearing powers. Therefore Isshiki wanted to resurrect into another host that could handle his power without destroying it.

It explains why he planted a Karma seal in Kawaki and embedded his biological information in it. But due to Koji and Amado’s plan, he has no other option but to resurrect in Jigen’s body instead. This resurrection process takes away all the present data from the possible vessels to avoid replicating the same body, and automatically, Kawaki loses his seal.

Does Isshiki Take Over Kawaki?
Koji | Source: Fandom

Kawaki has finally lost his Karma seal that he has hated for ages. But this loss came up with some repercussions; for starters, he cannot use the powers that came with Karma, and few formidable enemies are already out there to take his life. You might be questioning what this karma seal is, so I have explained the details further.

2. What Are Karma and Otsutsuki?

Throughout these years of watching both Naruto and Boruto series, we have seen God-tier lunatic villains out there to harm our beloved heroes and their friends. I have come to acknowledge that God-tier lunatics with a mission or agenda are scarier than your every day crazy villains. But guess what is worse than goal-oriented villains? Alien villains, of course. I’m not blabbering any nonsense. Our antagonists this time are Aliens!

Does Isshiki Take Over Kawaki?
Jigen | Source: Fandom

No wonder they are giving our leads such a hard time. Otsutsuki clan is an alien parasite species that came from a far distant land. They have been surviving and adapting themselves into superior creatures by extracting Chakra from different planets. But, they need a God tree that will suck up the entire planet dry of chakra for the extraction process.

This tree will eventually bear fruit, and upon consumption, it will grant the Otsutsuki entire worldly knowledge of that planet and other extraordinary abilities like an extended life force. Therefore, for centuries the Otsutsuki clan has been enhancing the quality of Chakra fruit through sacrificing a living Otsutsuki or vessel. However, this sacrifice does not denote eternal death.

Karma comes into the big picture now. Karma, in simple terms, is a backup file for Otsutsuki to reincarnate. Otsutsuki look for hosts that are compatible with Karma, just like Kawaki. If an Otsutsuki is murdered, they can again reincarnate into the vessel’s body that they have embedded. Since compatibility is a very rare phenomenon, and that’s the reason why Kawaki is so precious to Isshiki.

As soon as the seal is inserted on the vessel’s body, the genetic information of the Otsutsuki starts taking over and merging with the vessel’s consciousness. So they become nothing more than a container that holds up these parasite aliens. Nevertheless, Kawaki has lost his seal. But then again, the question that arises is, can Isshiki place the seal again? And if he does place the seal, what will happen to Kawaki?

3. What Will Happen to Kawaki Now?

It’s clear why Jigen was hell-bent on abducting Kawaki now; he was Isshiki’s perfect vessel, and losing him would be as equal as dying for Isshiki. Our smarty mad scientist Amado took advantage of this fact and used it to his advantage.

Will Isshiki Resurrect in Kawaki’s Body in the Boruto Series?
Kawaki | Source: Fandom

As mentioned earlier, Jigen’s body was weak; it couldn’t sustain Isshiki’s tremendous chakra. As a result, it was dying at a fast rate. With Isshiki’s remaining time in the world, it was necessary to embed the Karma again into Kawaki. Still, before doing so, Naruto acted quickly on it and shortened his Life span to 5 minutes. He failed to replace the karma seal on Kawaki, and now Isshiki is gone for good.

However, the ordeal is not over yet; Kawaki’s life is still in jeopardy. Even though the Karma seal is gone, the merging of consciousness of Isshiki reached up to 80%. So he has already become a part Otsutsuki now. Similar to Kawkaki, Boruto has become Momoshiki’s vessel. Remember that white eye crazy dude? Yeah, he wants to sacrifice Kawaki to extract the fruit now. And surprise, surprise Momoshiki is not the only one out there to kill Kawaki.

Before disappearing into the void, Isshiki appears before Code, an inner Kara member. Code was also a part of the experiment group, just like Kawaki, but unlike other test subjects, he didn’t die from the overwhelming power of the Karma seal.

Does Isshiki Take Over Kawaki?
Isshiki Otsutsuki | Source: Fandom

Fortunately, he wasn’t compatible be become a vessel, so Isshiki is really gone for good now. Even though Code’s body can’t host Otsutsuki clan members, he can bring about the same powers as the other vessels. Since Isshiki was the big bad boss, he wouldn’t die without making a fuss, so he gave Code a mission to sacrifice Boruto or Kawaki to produce Chakra fruit. If Code eats it, he will become an omniscient existence, just like the Otsutsuki clan.

Code will become the new antagonist of the future arc. Kawaki and Boruto will indeed have a tough time dealing with him, given the circumstances. However, I’m sure their fight will give us chills.

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