Does George Sr. cheat on Mary in Young Sheldon?

Since the early days of Young Sheldon, we knew that George Sr. would inevitably cheat on Mary, thanks to the detail being mentioned in The Big Bang Theory. Season 4 is where we first see the roots of infidelity planted when George Sr. and Brenda are just inches away from crossing the line.

However, there haven’t been any major developments in this arc since then. This leads us to the question, does George actually cheat on Mary? When will this happen?

As of the first half of Young Sheldon Season 6, George Sr. has not yet cheated on Mary. However, it has been insinuated that he will cheat on Mary with Brenda by the end of Season 6 or in Season 7.

What we’ve heard of George’s affairs comes from Sheldon’s memories, which are, at times, unreliable and unbiased. So let’s look at when and why George’s affair occurs.

When will George Sr. cheat on Mary?

Does George Sr cheat on Mary in Young Sheldon?
Mary and George

In The Big Bang Theory, while explaining why he has the habit of knocking thrice, Sheldon reveals to Penny that he once accidentally discovered his father’s affair when he walked into his room without knocking. This happened when he was 13. Before they could get a chance to properly discuss it, his father passed away a year later.

As of early Season 6, Sheldon and Missy are 12, but executive producer Steve Holland has confirmed that they will turn 13 by the end of this season.

This means that George may cheat on Mary at the end of Young Sheldon Season 6 or sometime during Season 7.

The show is still awaiting news if it will be renewed beyond the early ordered Season 7. So, it would be wise to start dealing with these storylines now instead of rushing it later, in case the show gets canceled.

Why does George Sr. cheat on Mary?

Going back to the older Sheldon’s accounts of his father in TBBT, George Sr. was made out to be an absentee father who was lazy and uninterested in his kids. Young Sheldon has taken quite a departure from that stance.

Does George Sr cheat on Mary in Young Sheldon?
George Sr.

In particular, they show that George cares dearly about his family and does put in the effort. But it may not always be recognized, especially by Sheldon himself, who has a different level of emotional intelligence and reception.

At times, we also see that George himself doesn’t feel appreciated by his family, which is why he enjoys the attention he gets from Brenda and Billy.

Then, in Young Sheldon Season 5, Mary starts harboring feelings for Pastor Rob, which becomes painfully obvious to George.

While this is no excuse, the combination of Mary’s secret feelings for Pastor Rob and a mutual attraction with Brenda could be the reason why George cheats on Mary.

Now that Sheldon will be turned 13 by the end of the season, we may see this forlorn arc sooner than later.

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