The ENTIRE Fortnite Storyline Explained (Chapter 1- Chapter 3) 

Fortnite, since its launch in 2017, has become the largest and most popular battle royale experience in gaming.  

As simple as the concept of its battle royale mode may seem from the outside to the spectators or the new players, it’s actually quite complicated. Fortnite is not only an action-filled multiplayer, but it also has some major plot to it! 

Fortnite has a complex and ludicrous overarching story aside from the lore of each separate season.  

Each season continues and adds more drama and twists to the wild story of Fortnite. 

What are the seasons in Fortnite? 

Fortnite seasons are major updates to the game, which bring in map changes, new weapons, unique characters, and story continuation. 

The story of Fortnite unfolds in seasons that are categorized under Chapters. While chapter 1 had 10 seasons, chapter 2 had only 8, and the ongoing chapter 3 is currently on season 3. 

An average Fortnite season lasts for 11 weeks, and the end of a chapter resets the complete map. 

The Story of Fortnite So Far… 

Chapter 1 

Fortnite Chapter 1 began with the introduction of an organization called Imagined Order. IO created an isolated battle royale island using Zero Point, a ball of energy connecting realities that allowed them to bring people from different realities to the island to fight amongst each other. 

The ENTIRE Fortnite Storyline Explained (Chapter 1- Chapter 3)
Zero Point

One day, a meteor containing special powers crashed into the island, destroying or reshaping most of it. The meteor impact helped the Fortnite’s villain, Omega, to escape and construct a rocket in a secret lair.  

Additionally, the Unknown Investigation Agency began examining the comet crash, unveiling an alien called the Visitor, who went on to aid Omega and his team in building the rocket. The rocket’s launch wreaked widespread devastation and opened up wide rifts in the sky. 

The ENTIRE Fortnite Storyline Explained (Chapter 1- Chapter 3)

The rift quickly developed into a sky fracture, which erupted with lightning until it formed a purple runic cube. The cube then conjured a floating island in Loot Lake, which spawned several corrupted regions close by. Eventually, the floating island and cube are destroyed, bringing an iceberg that once again altered the map. 

The ENTIRE Fortnite Storyline Explained (Chapter 1- Chapter 3)
Strange Purple Cube

After this, a war broke out between the Ice King and the Fire King. The latter went on to transform much of the map after his victory. Soon, the Unknown Investigation Agency returned and started making changes to the island. 

Interestingly, a one-eyed monster soon broke free of Polar Peak and attempted to capture Zero Point, which ultimately blew up, creating a black hole and sucking up the entire island.  

This event ended chapter 1 and rendered Fortnite unplayable for 2 days! 

Chapter 2 

The story of Fortnite chapter 2 begins on a new island created from the black hole at the end of chapter 2. The new chapter introduced the character of Midas, an ex-employee of the IO who wished to build a doomsday device to push back the storm on the island and free the people from the loop of constantly fighting each other. 

The ENTIRE Fortnite Storyline Explained (Chapter 1- Chapter 3)

The IO, however, decided to stop Midas by creating a war between two factions: GHOST and SHADOW. Midas still successfully created his device and used it to weaken the storm, which also caused a tsunami on the whole island, and so he ended up as shark food. 

The ENTIRE Fortnite Storyline Explained (Chapter 1- Chapter 3)
Ghost and Shadow

It was later revealed that the explosion caused by the Zero Point in Chapter 1 attracted the attention of a mighty space being, Galactus, the devourer of the worlds. 

The ENTIRE Fortnite Storyline Explained (Chapter 1- Chapter 3)

This event brought Marvel’s Avengers into the scene as Thor summoned all the Avengers to the island to fight against and defeat Galactus. The Avengers successfully defeated Galactus, but they destabilized the Zero Point in this process. 

The ENTIRE Fortnite Storyline Explained (Chapter 1- Chapter 3)

Troubled by the destabilization, IO ordered Agent Jones to stabilize the Zero Point and prevent the people from escaping the loop. Agent Jones soon began to suspect the involvement of The Seven as the Zero Point deteriorated further.  

The ENTIRE Fortnite Storyline Explained (Chapter 1- Chapter 3)
Agent Jones

The Seven is a group of interdimensional characters throughout the Fortnite universe with the Foundation as their leader.  

Agent Jones soon abandoned the IO as they do nothing to aid him in his mission, and he later formed an alliance with the Foundation of the Seven by offering him access to Geno and The sisters. 

Geno is the leader of IO, and The Sisters are his trusted employees. 

The Foundation sealed himself within the Zero Point to stop it from exploding as the last resort, and Agent Jones ended up losing his portal gun and got stuck into the loop. 

The ENTIRE Fortnite Storyline Explained (Chapter 1- Chapter 3)
Agent Jones makes a deal with The Foundation

In the new season, the island became primal devoid of any technology, and IO immediately put-up spires to secure Zero Point. The season further introduced a new character named Raz. 

The ENTIRE Fortnite Storyline Explained (Chapter 1- Chapter 3)

Raz head out in search of Jones after hearing the decoded messages of the Foundation from within the spire. However, he, unfortunately, ends up getting corrupted by an artifact he found at the spire and becomes Glyph Master Raz, whom the player defeats and takes away his artifact. 

The next season brought another war into the picture between an invading Alien species and the IO. The IO managed to destroy the alien mothership, but it is then revealed that the mothership was carrying a large quantity of the same strange purple cube from Chapter 1. 

The ENTIRE Fortnite Storyline Explained (Chapter 1- Chapter 3)
Falling Mothership Debris and Purple Cubes

The Foundation also returned and is currently looking for Jones to extend the ever-growing crazy storyline of Fortnite in the ongoing Chapter 3. 

Phew, that must have been a lot to take in, I know, but that’s almost everything you need to know about Fortnite’s story so far. 

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