‘Crash Landing on You’ Ending: Do Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok end up together?


  • ‘Crash Landing on You’ ends with Su-ri and Jeong-hyeok reuniting with each other at a musical orchestra in Switzerland.
  • Although their relationship is forbidden, the couple do the best they can to be with each other.
  • The ending indicates that the couple meet each other every year in Switzerland for two weeks.

A good romantic K-drama with a beautiful ending is always a treat to watch. The popular Korean drama ‘Crash Landing on You’ aired its last episode in 2020. Although it did not end on a conventionally happy note, things don’t end up as bad as they could have for the lead couple.

The series follows the love story of Yoon Se-ri, an entrepreneur and chaebol heiress, and Ri Jeong-hyeok, a soldier in the Korean People’s Army. Se-ri is from South Korea, while Jeong-hyeok is from North Korea, so there’s a lot of animosity between their countries.

‘Crash Landing on You’  Ending: Do Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok end up together?
Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok | Source: IMDb

After an accident, Se-ri is forced to make an emergency landing in North Korea, where she meets Jeong-hyeok. The two begin a forbidden relationship, as they belong to two countries with severe political tension.

‘Crash Landing on You’ ends when Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok are forced to break up with each other and separate on the border of North and South Korea. However, the two reunite in Switzerland and have a bittersweet happy ending.

Although they do not get a picture-perfect ending, the couple do the best they can to keep their relationship alive. Since they were unable to reunite permanently, they decided to meet every year in Switzerland for two weeks.

The ending is reminiscent of hope, given that Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok do their best to remain together. Although circumstances don’t allow them to be together in a conventional way, they find a way to unite with each other.

In the finale, Se-ri is in the hospital as she fell sick in the penultimate episode due to sepsis. Although she has a fight with Jeong-hyeok, the latter turns up at the hospital and waits until her operation is over.

However, officials find out about Jeong-hyeok crossing the border illegally. To save Se-ri more trouble and pain, Jeong-hyeok leaves without saying goodbye.

When Se-ri feels better and finds out that Jeong-hyeok has left, she rushes to the DMZ to meet him before he leaves. The couple confess their love for each other but are forced to break up and say goodbye.

Although Se-ri bids goodbye to Jeong-hyeok, she returns to her apartment to find many notes, flowers and food items that he had left her. She also finds some recorded messages for her, the last one of which says they should meet again soon.

Later, Jeong-hyeok steps down as captain of the army as he gets selected to play as a pianist at the National Symphony Orchestra held in Switzerland.

Meanwhile, Se-ri also starts a music foundation for underprivileged children. She hosts musical performances for talented piano players every year, hoping to meet Jeong-hyeok in Switzerland again.

‘Crash Landing on You’  Ending: Do Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok end up together?
‘Crash Landing on You’ Finale | Source: IMDb

Se-ri’s plan works out, and they reunite in Switzerland while paragliding. In the post-credit scene, we see the couple meeting again in Switzerland next year.

The ending indicates that the duo finds their way back to each other and decides to meet every year in Switzerland. Maybe they can find a place where their relationship is not forbidden in the future and settle there permanently. In other words, they get their happy ending, although not in the conventional sense.

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About Crash Landing On You

The K-Drama Crash Landing On You spans an incredible backdrop of South Korea and North Korea. Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye Jin) is the heiress of a South Korean conglomerate whose adventurous paragliding incident lands her in the forbidden military lines of the neighboring country.

She meets a North Korean army officer, Ri Jeong-hook (Hyun Bin). Captain Ri tries to protect her and promises to help her return safely to her home country. Eventually, the oddly matched couple falls in love during the ‘rescue mission.’  

The K-Drama has been penned by Park Ji Eun, the screenwriter who also wrote the popular drama series My love from the star.



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