Do Bobby And Wendy Get Together In Billions?

The Bobby-Wendy relationship is definitely one of the most solid friendships I have watched on television and the makers of Billions have always teased a potential relationship between them.

There has been quite some instances between the two throughout the five seasons of Billions. But we finally know what is to come out of their relationship.

The finale of Billions season 5 titled “No Direction Home” was definitely shocking in various aspects and one article isn’t enough to explain everything that went down in the epic finale. But I am here to talk about Axe and Wendy.

If you were keen on watching Axe and Wendy’s relationship develop after their confession to each other in “Liberty”, it’s time to give up, I guess.

Despite having admitted earlier that the two have feelings for each other, Wendy and Axe do not get together in the season 5 finale. Bobby decides to escape the situation and go on the run and Wendy chooses to stay with her children in New York. But it’s not a goodbye.

Do Bobby and Wendy get Together?  

Do Bobby and Wendy get together in Billions?
Bobby and Wendy | Source: IMDb

Back in “Liberty”, Axe had told Wendy that he tried to sabotage her relationship with Tanner because he could not bear to see her with someone else. He does not explicitly asks Wendy out, but his words imply quite clearly that he has strong feelings for her.

Wendy reciprocated Axe’s feelings as she admits that she too feels the same towards Axe.

“I have waited so long to hear those words.” Yes, that’s what Bobby tells Wendy when she finally confesses her feelings are mutual.

But, umm, that’s about it. Though the confession did raise hopes of a potential relationship between the two, Axe and Wendy do not finally get together as per the season 5 finale.

On the verge of arrest, Bobby decides to take an escape route. He asks Wendy if she wanted to join him as he goes on the run in Europe. But Wendy declines.

'I Feel the Same Things' Ep. 10 Official Clip | Billions | Season 5
‘I Feel the Same Things’ Ep. 10 Official Clip | Billions

“You wouldn’t want the version of me that would go.” Wendy told Axe. So since they cannot end it, they cannot really begin it, according to Bobby.

So the two decides to part ways with each other as Bobby flees to Switzerland.

This makes sense considering Damian Lewis, who plays Bobby Axelrod is leaving Billions as well. So they kind of had to write his character out.

What’s Bobby and Wendy’s Relationship?

David Levien, one of the co-creators of Billions, had something interesting to say about the Bobby-Wendy relationship.

Do Bobby and Wendy get together in Billions?
Bobby and Wendy | Source: IMDb

That never felt like a true ending for those characters. They don’t get to have the sort of youthful unvarnished romance after all the things they’ve done and been through. They were too much victims of their circumstances to slip away into the sunset. The reality of the world they created is the world that is stopping them from getting together.


That’s what Levien said when he was asked about Bobby and Wendy not getting a happy ending.

Bobby and Wendy’s relationship has always been made of mutual trust and respect for each other and there are numerous instances as to how much the two trust each other. As we say goodbye to Bobby Axelrod in season 5, the dynamics remain the same.

Wendy and Bobby definitely admitted having feelings for each other and their unresolved desire to be with each other was always there. But as Levien explained, this story does not provide the circumstances for a fairytale love story.

So due to obvious circumstances, the two had to part their ways. Bobby and Wendy are still friends and their relationship will remain one of the most trustworthy friendships. But the romantic aspect just ended before it could begin, thanks to situations.

Will They get Together in the Future?

Frankly speaking, I don’t think so.

Do Bobby and Wendy get together in Billions?
Bobby Axelrod and Wendy Rhoades | Source: IMDb

Damian Lewis aka Bobby Axelrod has already formally announced his departure from Billions. Mike Prince has evidently been written as the next main protagonist to take up Axe’s place.

So even if I consider the probability of Axe coming back for one or two special appearances in the upcoming season 6, I don’t think that will provide enough ground for anything to come out of Bobby and Wendy.

The goodbye between Axe and Wendy seems quite final. So I guess there isn’t much hope for the two to get together in the future.

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