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Who Made Me a Princess: Will Lucas and Athanasia end up together?

In Who Made Me a Princess, a girl gets reborn as a little baby princess Athanasia who’s doomed to die in a classic fantasy tale. But this baby isn’t going down without a fight. Nope, she’s determined to avoid her tragic fate.

As our little princess grows up, she forms some super heartwarming relationships. Enter Lucas, the magician dude. When he first meets Athy, this guy tries to kill her with magical bubbles! That incident causes Lucas to develop a liking for her.

In the novel version of “Who Made Me a Princess,” Athanasia, aka Athy, and Lucas, end up together as their feelings for each other are mutual. However, the manga takes a different path, so there’s a possibility that the anime adaptation might do the same.

Who Made Me a Princess: Will Lucas and Athanasia end up together?
Athy Who Made Me a Princess | Source: Fandom

Lucas starts showing signs of affection, like getting all jealous when Athy spends time with another guy. Also let’s not forget about the love triangle plot in this story. But fear not, Lucathy fails! In the end, the magical duo prevails, in the novel at least. 

1.   Who does Athy end up with in the manga?

In terms of romance, the manga ending doesn’t offer much. It went in a completely different direction compared to the novel, where no one stole the spotlight in Athy’s heart.

The ending of the “Who Made Me a Princess” manga leaves the romantic fate of Athy open, as neither Ijekiel nor Lucas ends up in a romantic relationship with her. 

Who Made Me a Princess: Will Lucas and Athanasia end up together?
Lucas and Athy Who Made Me a Princess | Source: Fandom

It’s more focused on revealing Athy’s true feelings and her decision to leave her adopted dad and live with her birth dad. The father-daughter relationship is one of the standout aspects of this Otome Isekai, so the fact that it ended this way is just fine by me.

2. Do Athy and Lucas have a child?

As there is no romance for Lucas and Athy in the manga, there are no cute little munchkins running around either. No kiddos for this dynamic duo.

In the novel version of “Who Made Me A Princess,” Lucas has a crush on Athy, but he doesn’t confess his feelings until the very end. Lucas remains loyal to Athanasia and helps her in various situations, but he does not have a child with her. 

There are fan-made stories out there exploring the possibility of Lucas and Athy having a child. So, if you’re craving a little Lucas-Athy baby action, you might just find it in the realm of fan fiction.

3. Differences Between the Novel and the Manga

The manga being an adaptation, naturally has its own unique flavor. Some scenes from the novel don’t show up, and the storyline takes its own twists and turns.

While the “Who Made Me a Princess” novel focuses on Athanasia’s family, romance, and growth, the manga explores the familial relationship between Athanasia and Claude while dialing down the romantic aspects.

Who Made Me a Princess: Will Lucas and Athanasia end up together?
Claude crowning Athy Who Made Me a Princess | Source: Fandom

The story really starts to diverge from the novel around episode 30, when the debutante ball comes into play.

The manga tweaks details like timelines, the circumstances of how Athanasia meets characters like Lucas and Jennette, and the whole reincarnation aspect.

As the manga progresses, it seems like the spotlight shines brighter on Claude and Athy’s relationship. Yeah, it’s a major part of the series, but it does come at the cost of Athy’s other relationships getting a little ignored.

The climax felt a bit rushed, and the resolution was simple. It made me wonder if Athy was going to be single forever or if she would change her mind later on.

4. About The Vexations of a Shut-In Vampire Princess

The Vexations of a Shut-In Vampire Princess (Hikikomari Kyūketsu Hime no Monmon) is an adventure and fantasy light novel series written by Kotei Kobayashi and illustrated by Riichu.

It follows the story of Terakomari Gandesblood, Komari for short, a shut-in vampire who enjoys the comfort of her room. One unfortunate day, her comfortable life comes to an end when she’s made a commander of the Imperial Army. 

The problem is that her unit consists of violent hooligans who won’t recognize her as their leader, so Komari will now have to prove her worth with the help of her trusty maid, Villhaze.

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