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Lookism: Does anyone else have two bodies like Daniel Park?

If you’re new to the manhwa/webtoon Lookism, you’re probably wondering what the whole two-body thing is about.

Daniel Park, the protagonist, has the ability to transfer his consciousness out of his original body into an alternate one when he falls asleep.

His original body is “fat and ugly” and is fondly referred to by the fandom as “small” or “little” Daniel. His alternate body is tall, lean, and handsome.

This spectacular phenomenon however, isn’t as unique as you’d think. So, does that mean someone else is also living a literal double life in Lookism?

Crystal Choi, the daughter of the potential antagonist, Charles Choi, also has two bodies in Lookism. She is also Daniel’s love interest in the series. She is suspicious about Daniel having the same secret as hers, but still doesn’t know for sure that he too, has two bodies.

How does Crystal have two bodies? Who knows about them?

As of the latest episode 415 of the manhwa, the reason Crystal Choi and Daniel Park have two bodies still hasn’t been revealed, although it has something to do with Charles Choi.

Charles Choi, to put it in simple terms, is shady. He is known as Elite, and is the Chairman of a conglomerate company called the HNH Group. He is also a gangster.

Charles is one of the few people who knows about the secret of the two bodies, which for some reason, only Daniel and Crystal possess.

Lookism: Does anyone else have two bodies like Daniel Park?
Charles Choi with Gun and Goo | Source: Fandom

Charles is the guardian of the 10 Geniuses, a set of exceptional individuals collected and raised by him. His daughter is one of them.

DG aka James Lee, who is also one of the 10, is another individual who knows about Daniel having two bodies.

Gun Park, another of the 10 Geniuses and Crystal’s personal bodyguard, also likely knows about her secret double life. He must’ve noticed her tendencies and personality whichever body she wore.

There’s a possibility that anyone closely associated with Charles knows about Crystal’s two bodies, but outside of this group, I don’t think anyone else knows.

Why do only Daniel and Crystal have two bodies?

The reason only Daniel and Crystal have two bodies is that they might be related in some way. There are a lot of theories about this, but the one that makes most sense is that they are both connected by blood – to Charles Choi.

The likelihood that Daniel and Crystal might be siblings is kind of incestuous since Daniel is Crystal’s love interest. But their resemblances and commonalities are too many to ignore.

Lookism: Does anyone else have two bodies like Daniel Park?
Crystal in her Original Body | Source: Fandom
Lookism: Does anyone else have two bodies like Daniel Park?
Daniel in his Original Body | Source: Fandom

Their original bodies bare uncanny similarities, short, plump, and what they think are ugly. They are both on the bottom the social hierarchy, having been bullied, discriminated against, and disliked because of their looks all their lives.

While this made Daniel kinder and more empathetic to others, it drove Crystal the other way.

A lot of people hate Crystal Choi because they think she’s a hypocrite – she judges people based on their looks because of her own unfortunate experience.

But the fact is that some people take bullying harder than most – she was almost suicidal because of the fun people made of her appearance. So, it’s natural that she has an innate dislike for good-looking people.

Incidentally, Crystal has a crush on Daniel in his original body, and not his attractive, alternate one. She initially disliked Daniel in his alternate body because he was attractive and she thought him egoistical.

Another point to consider, is DG. We know that Daniel’s alternate body looks extremely similar to DG’s previous look, so much so that he thought that he was James Lee, which is the identity DG adopted before this.

If Daniel can look so much alike to James Lee, and to Crystal, it’s possible that they are all related in some way.

It’s not too far to posit that they might even be some kind of clones and that Charles Choi found a way for his Geniuses to switch between them.

This could also mean that Charles Choi and all of the other 10 Geniuses have second bodies as well.

Has Crystal been written out of the story?

Crystal hasn’t been written out of Lookism despite what a lot of people think. The author of Lookism Park Tae-jun, has a tendency to indulge in a sprawling plotline with plenty of side stories. But Crystal will soon return to the story because of her two bodies, which is what Lookism is about.

The manhwa stopped being about “lookism” long ago; its focus now is more on gangs, violence, and badass action sequences.

While some people don’t mind this, the majority of fans believe that PTJ has abandoned the main theme of the story and also forgotten about characters like Crystal, who at one point, promised to be very important.

Crystal is Daniel’s love interest; she has two bodies; she is Charles Choi’s daughter; she is one of the 10 Geniuses. There is no way she has been written out of the story.

As for her character, it has great potential. Due to her backstory and personality, she could be a great mirror character to Daniel, similar to him, yet entirely different.

You can be sure Crystal will return soon to the Looksim story, and when she does, you can expect the secret behind the two bodies to be revealed as well.

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About Lookism

Lookism is a South Korean manhwa by author Park Tae Joon. It is published on Naver, LINE Webtoon, and other services. It started out in 2019 and is still ongoing.

Netflix will stream an anime adaptation of the series in November 2022. It is about a high school student, Daniel Park, who is a fat and ugly student who gets frequently bullied. One day he wakes up in another body that is so handsome that he realizes how looks matter.

He tries to keep his two bodies a secret and navigate through school life but not without getting involved in a ton of problems.

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