Johnny Depp’s Doctor and Nurse Give Testimony Regarding Severed Finger

The latest update in Johnny Depp and ex-wife Amber Heard’s very public lawsuit discusses the matter of the former’s severed fingertip.

Variety reported that Johnny Depp’s concierge doctor and nurse detailed their account at the actor’s house and the hunt for the severed fingertip in the course, on Monday, April 18.

David Kipper, Depp’s concierge doctor, testified via video that he was called to the residence before taking the actor to the emergency services in the hospital. Depp had suffered the injury back in 2015.

Johnny Depp’s Doctor & Nurse Give Testimony Regarding Severed Finger
Johnny Depp

Kipper stated that he cared for Depp’s wounds first and ordered the staff to search for the missing fingertip. He then said that a chef found it in the kitchen area. He also noted broken pieces of glass and blood in the house.

Talking about Heard, Kipper testified that “she seemed upset” but did not ask for medical attention. He also stated that he did not notice any injuries on her.

The concierge nurse, Debbie Lloyd, also recounted her experience. According to her testament, a house manager found the finger.

The incident was brought up in the trial when Depp accused Heard of throwing a bottle at him, which severed the top part of his middle finger.

On the other hand, Heard denied the accusations and said he might have cut his finger while smashing the telephone. She has even alleged that the actor sexually assaulted her and beat her.

Johnny Depp’s Doctor & Nurse Give Testimony Regarding Severed Finger
Johnny Depp

Meanwhile, in their previous testimony, Kipper and Lloyd also shared that they had difficulties handling Depp’s drug abuse problem. They were hired as concierge medical care, allowing high-profile people to be treated at their residences rather than at a hospital or a clinic.

Kipper stated that after the severed finger incident, he withdrew from being Depp’s concierge because of him not following the drug and alcohol protocols.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor will reportedly take the stand today, April 19, followed by cross-examination on Wednesday.

News Source: Variety

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