Diversity and Bunk Beds at the Core of New March Update for The Sims 4

Ask and ye shall receive. In The Sims 4, at least.

EA has once again made player grudges and gripes the focus of their latest monthly update for their popular life simulator The Sims 4 and we’re happy to say that players will FINALLY have Bunk Beds.

But first, a little backstory: In response to backlash from fans criticizing the limited range of skin tone options in the game, EA announced in September last year that it would be expanding cosmetic options for the game. The volume of complaints regarding the game having very little variation in skin tone for its characters was steadily increasing which is what pushed EA to release a skin tone focused update in early December. The update added over 100 additional skin tone selections, along with modification tools and new hairstyles. But most importantly, it was an indicator that unlike most other game studios, EA listens to their players.

Fast forward to today, and EA’s commitment to Sims fans is still as strong. Here’s a quick breakdown of what the new update is adding to the game to enhance experience and fulfill player wishes:

1. New Hairstyles

The March update is set to add a whole new set of hairstyle options which can be used on Sims across all age groups. The purpose of introducing these hairstyles seems to be twofold. Firstly, such decorations make Sim styling less stale and add a higher degree of customisation. Secondly, it also gives players the chance to create more racially diverse looks which, of course, lead to greater representation.

Diversity & Bunk Beds At The Core of New March Update For The Sims 4
New Hairstyle

2. More Diverse Artwork

Speaking of diversity, the update adds new swatches to base game posters and artwork. These swatches bring new skin tones and hair colors allowing more Sims to have posters that reflect themselves.

The game’s artwork also gets new skin tone swatches along with a bunch of other changes. The mysterious “Jerry” is now joined by several other Sims, making these images look like a more varied selection of ancestors. Additonally, the artwork in a box gets some new images and the portrait of a marriage artwork now includes swatches of racially diverse gay marriages.

Diversity & Bunk Beds At The Core of New March Update For The Sims 4
New ArtWork

Skin tones in the game itself have also been tweaked so console players see the same improvements as PC players.

3. Trait & Behavioral Enhancements

On the Gameplay front, the patch brings improvements to a selection of Base Game personality Traits. The personality traits included in this selection are Bookworm, Clumsy, Genius, Gloomy, Glutton, Good, Goofball, Hates Children, Hot-Headed, Jealous, Mean, Neat, Noncommittal, Perfectionist, Slob, and Ambitious.

According to EA, the goal of these improvements is to provide these Traits a noticeable improvement so players can identify specific Traits with more obvious visual cues and unique behavior. For example, bookworms will get more fun out of reading books than any other activity that generates fun.

Diversity & Bunk Beds At The Core of New March Update For The Sims 4
Trait & Behavioral Enhancements

A bunch of changes have also been made to everyday activities such as eating, drinking, and using the bathroom. These activities will now take less time out of your Sim’s day so you can dedicate your Sim’s time to more fruitful pursuits.

4. Bunk Beds

Last but most definitely not the least, the March update brings much requested Bunk Beds to the game. The bunk beds have two frame designs – metal and wooden. Players can also choose between two variants of the bed – a twin stacked bed and a loft bed with nothing underneath.

If you want the bottom bed to be for toddlers you can manually place a toddler bed into the gap underneath the loft bed. At default settings, these are the only configurations. However, you can use the ‘move objects cheat’ to add a rotated bed, desk, or any other items underneath your loft bed to varying results.

BUNK BEDS ARE HERE... how are they used? 👀 (FREE MARCH UPDATE) | The Sims 4 Update News

The update is also bringing a wide range of bug fixes to the game which you can read more about on The Sims 4 blog page.

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