Here’s Why Director Villeneuve Did Not Explore Space Travel In Dune 1

Dune has a plethora of lore and world-building elements, from Arrakis’ Spice to Gene Besserit’s Voice. It makes sense why director Denis Villeneuve chose to delay exploring some of these features. But he promises that Dune: Part Two will explain space travel.

Creating Dune’s universe in Part I involved it being both futuristic and mystical. Therefore, Villeneuve reveals that he decided to skip through the initial space travel sequences, “keeping them as mysterious as possible.”

Villeneuve also clears fans’ doubts that while Guild representatives were present in the movie, Guild Navigators were not. Guild Navigators, as we know, are artificially enhanced humans with the best skills in flying starships like the Heighliner.

I tried to keep all the space-travelling as mysterious as possible, like almost bringing some kind of mysticism or sacred relationship with that part of the movie. Everything involving space is just evocated and very mysterious.

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Here’s Why Director Villeneuve Did Not Explore Space Travel In Dune 1
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Indeed, the only space travel we see is when House Atreides travels to Arrakis in a Heighliner. The starship is seen hovering right over Arrakis’ atmosphere, but the film doesn’t show the craft traveling in space per se.

A fun tidbit about the Heighliner is that if you think it very well resembles sandworms, you’re right! While working on the starship’s design, Denis commented how they tried out different models, but the one most fitting was the design that paralleled the sandworm.

Still, other than its exterior, Villeneuve says that it was a conscious decision not to step into the starship, which was paired with keeping Spice under wraps too — Spice, after all, is of utmost importance when it comes to Dune’s space travel.

Here’s Why Director Villeneuve Did Not Explore Space Travel In Dune 1
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Now that both Paul and Dune’s foundation has been established, Part II can lean heavily into all the action. We’re about to see Paul’s rise to the leader and messiah of the Fremen, commandeering armies and leading revolts against the Emperor.

For this, of course, space travel is very important, which Villeneuve promises will be “more permanent and explained in Part Two.”

Dune: Part II has been greenlit and will start filming next year with a release in 2023. There are also talks of making it into a trilogy by adapting Dune Messiah.

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Dune (also known as Dune: Part One) is an American sci-fi film based on Frank Herbert’s novel of the same name, directed by Denis Villeneuve.

Part One introduced the planet of Dune/Arrakis, the only place where the enhancer drug “Melange” is found and sought out by many. The Atreides House is sent to the planet as the ruling Duke, as part of their adversaries’ trap. However, the Atreides are aware of the same and aim to defend Dune and their house.

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