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Is Sabo alive? What happened in Lulusia kingdom?

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from One Piece( Manga).

We only got to know that Sabo is alive after reverie, and now something terrible has happened in chapter 1060. We see that the entire island of lulusia was destroyed by Im and Sabo was apparently on the island. This puts us on an edge, as we do not know if Sabo is dead or alive!

The Navy has traced the location of Sabo, and it seems to be on Lulusia Island during Im’s attack. However, it is a possibility that Sabo might have been close to the island, off the attack range and hence alive.

1. What happened on Lulusia?

Lulusia is being attacked by World Government and we see the terrified faces of people. There is a massive object hovering over the island and surviving such an attack seems highly unlikely.

In the latest one-piece chapter, we see Sabo calling the revolutionary army and telling Dragon that he was not the one who assassinated Cobra. He also tells about the terrible thing he saw.

What happened on Lulusia?
Lulusia Kingdom | Source: Fandom

At the same time, we see the navy tracking the signal, and it is found to be in the lulusia kingdom. The elders say that he is just an unlucky man meaning that the attack was bound to happen and was not specifically targeting sabo.

The chapter cuts to a massive object hovering over the kingdom of lulusia. Sabo tries to tell Dragon something about the empty throne of Pangea and before he could convey the news, the signal is cut off by the Navy Headquarters.

We see the attack land and it is one of the most heart-sinking panels we see in the manga. Now, logically speaking, there is no freaking way sabo can survive that attack if he was on the island. It would take a miracle for sabo to be alive after such a massive-scale attack.

2. Sabo Is Alive: A Theory!

There is a possibility that Sabo was directly on the island and somewhere close to it. On close examination of the panel, it looks like Sabo is looking at the attack from a distance and is not directly under it.

If we see the source of light on the ones who were on the island, we see that it is coming from above whereas for sabo it is from the side. This looks like Sabo is somewhere on the ship or maybe some other island pretty close to Lulusia.

Some might argue that sabo was inside a building and hence the shadow placement. This might be possible but according to Occam’s razor, we need to consider what’s more likely.

Sabo looks like he is seeing the attack from a distance, if he was inside the building, he wouldn’t have been able to gauge the level of attack, he looked terrified and this might be because he can see such a massive attack.

Some of the other theories include Sabo being wounded but not dead. Claims say he took cover and hence was able to survive the attack.

However it doesn’t make sense, the attack tore apart every single thing, and taking cover and surviving such an attack would be a long shot even for the Emperor of Flames.

Is Sabo alive? What happened in Lulusia kingdom?
Panel from One Piece Manga | Source: Viz

3. Why I strongly believe Oda wouldn’t kill Sabo!

I do not believe Oda would kill Sabo, especially when he is the inheritor of Ace’s will. I also do not believe that Oda would go through all the trouble of bringing back a character only to kill them.

Luffy also wouldn’t be able to handle the death of his only remaining sibling and will not be able to move towards his goal. It would be impossible for Luffy to recover without the time and Oda cannot take a time skip especially when the manga is heading towards the finale.

Is Sabo alive? What happened in Lulusia kingdom?
Sabo using Red Flames | Source: Fandom

4. Some Other Information We Get Know In The Latest Chapter

Luffy reveals his dream to straw hats who seem to have a variety of reactions. We also see Jewellery Boney – a member of Worst Generation, popping out of a warm Eddy into Thousand Sunny towards the end of the chapter.

Luffy has finally revealed his ‘true’ dream to his crew. Every straw hat has a varied reaction, Usopp thinks it’s impossible, Sanji calls it crazy, Robin is astonished and the chopper seems amazed. 

Franky seems to love it, Jinbe says needs to take his captain’s dream seriously and Nami thinks that the dream fits Luffy! Well sadly, the dream hasn’t been revealed to us, readers, we can only wait to find out!

Another thing we see during the chapter is the appearance of Jewellery Boney. After a few days after the Lulusia incident, we see Thousand Sunny entering a different climate range.

They also notice a warm Eddy which seems to be pushing upwards, at the same time, we see Jewellery Boney pop out of the Eddy. We have to wait and see what happens since Boney is involved with multiple piece mysteries.

5. What happened on Reverie?

Cobra was assassinated and Vivi went missing in Reverie and the entire blame was shifted onto Sabo by the World Government. This news caused a huge uproar and Sabo instantly became a highly wanted figure.

Sabo infiltrated Mariejois to retrieve Bartholomew Kuma and ended up facing two admirals and the situation was not ideal. Soon after, there was news that somebody was killed and somebody went missing.

Fans panicked and it was Sabo who was killed, however, chapter 1054 revealed that Sabo was alive and Cobra was the one who was killed. Vivi also went missing during these events.

6. Conclusion

Sabo seems to be caught up in an Im’s attack on Lulusia island. He tries to convey some information to Dragon but unfortunately, communications are cut off by the navy. Sabo’s fate is unknown as of now, but I believe that he was away from the island and is very much alive.

7. About One Piece

One Piece is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since July 22, 1997.

The man who had acquired everything in this world, the Pirate King, is Gol D. Roger. The final words he said at the execution tower were “My treasures? If you want it, I’ll let you have it. Look for it; I left all of it at that place.” These words sent many to the seas, chasing their dreams, headed toward the Grand Line, in search of One Piece. Thus began a new age!

Seeking to be the greatest pirate in the world, young Monkey D. Luffy also heads toward the Grand Line in search of One Piece. His diverse crew is joining him along the way, consisting of a swordsman, marksman, navigator, cook, doctor, archaeologist, and cyborg-shipwright, this will be one memorable adventure.

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