Did Kawaki kill Boruto? Will Momoshiki stay dead? Are Code’s plans ruined?

Chapter 66 of Boruto had the fandom’s jaws on the floor, as it had the series’ main character axed by his brother. Following the chaos of the previous chapter, Momoshiki decides to enter the fray and takes control of Boruto.

Inches away from killing his father, Boruto makes the ultimate sacrifice and offers up his life to end Momoshiki’s. With a powerful punch from Kawaki, Boruto now lies lifeless on the ground with a gaping hole in his chest.

Given that he’s the star of the show and that Momoshiki can’t be beaten so easily, we have to ask – Are they really gone?

Boruto and Momoshiki may have died or could be at death’s door, by the looks of their unmoving and impaled body. However we’ve yet to receive any official confirmation about it.

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

Will Boruto Be Back?

Going by the flash-forward scene in the manga and anime, Boruto will be back to face-off against Kawaki atop the ruins of Konoha. So it isn’t a matter of if, but when and how.

While Chapter 66 had us stunned, it also dropped us a hint that Boruto’s ‘death’ was carefully chalked out by the brothers as part of their ‘last resort plan.’

Did Kawaki kill Boruto? Will Momoshiki stay dead? Are Code’s plans ruined?
Boruto | Source: Fandom

Even though it’s worth noting that Kawaki wouldn’t hesitate sacrificing everyone and everything for Naruto, and their ‘plan’ could literally mean his death, Amado’s latest invention in Chapter 60 may prove otherwise.

Since his defection to Konoha, Amado’s been holed up in his laboratory, churning one invention after another. As he reluctantly unveils his latest creation to Sumire, he comments that it would make a great ally to the village.

Because it’s housed in a stasis-like container, many fans have speculated that Amado has fashioned a cybernetic clone of Boruto, fully functional with weaponized Kāma from Momoshiki.

Given that he made specially designed Ōtsutsuki-repelling drugs for Boruto, his expertise in Shinobi-Ware, and the fact that he’s studied Boruto’s physiology and genes, it wouldn’t be a problem to make a new body for him.

Even though Amado’s known to be conniving and manipulative, none of his schemes can negatively affect the village or its residents as he’s got a target on his back with Ada out for his blood and Code labeling him a traitor for his betrayal.

Besides the clone theory, we’ve also got the unknown powers of the Jōgan Eye. Their appearance in the flash-forward scene proves their connection to Boruto’s resuscitation.

Did Kawaki kill Boruto? Will Momoshiki stay dead? Are Code’s plans ruined?
Amado | Source: Fandom

Since it’s exclusive to the Ōtsutsuki clan, it may suggest that Momoshiki’s regenerative powers kick in along with the Eye’s powers. Maybe Momoshiki could use the Jōgan to locate more Chakra to absorb, bringing back Boruto.

But regardless of how Boruto is brought back, the highlight of Chapter 67 would be Kawaki and Naruto’s confrontation in the wake of his son’s death.

Is This End For Momoshiki?

Momoshiki’s end is definitely near, as the flash-forward scene has both the brothers duking it out with Kāma despite being near 100% extraction, thus implying his spirit dying like Isshiki’s in the near future.

Although he’s slated to die, Momoshiki won’t fizzle into non-existence with Boruto’s apparent death.

Since the entirety of the series post-Boruto’s marking revolved around him, you can bet there’ll be an epic battle to end him once and for all.

So as of now, he has two options – either he makes an instant comeback, or he takes the long-drawn recovery route.

He may immediately return via his regenerative powers since he’s conquered Amado’s medicines and is significantly stronger than Kaguya.

Did Kawaki kill Boruto? Will Momoshiki stay dead? Are Code’s plans ruined?
Momoshiki | Source: Fandom

However, it would mean that Boruto’s sacrifice goes in vain since Momoshiki’s reincarnation would result in his permanent death. Plus, Kawaki would have killed his brother for nothing in the end.

So the next logical option would be Momoshiki’s slow recovery and rebirth within Boruto’s body, as the latter goes on to live within the Kāma modified cyborg Amado has crafted.

Not only would this ensure Boruto’s return, but it would also provide for a final encounter with Momoshiki.

How Will Boruto’s ‘Death’ Affect Code’s Plan?

Code’s plan is foiled regardless of whether Borushiki lives or dies. If they die, it’s game over, but if they live – Momoshiki will not sacrifice himself to the Ten-Tails, and Boruto will be indisposed until he’s fully recovered.

While Code has the option of using Kawaki, he’s currently outmatched because of the latter’s weaponized Kāma.

With his hands tied up on holding Shikamura hostage, his only hope would be to take advantage of a fallout that may happen between Naruto and Kawaki.

Did Kawaki kill Boruto? Will Momoshiki stay dead? Are Code’s plans ruined?
Kawaki & Code | Source: Fandom

Since Naruto is known not to handle death well, there’ll likely be a messy confrontation between the two now that his only son has died. But this again depends on whether Momoshiki returns or not.

If Momoshiki is instantly reborn, Kawaki and Naruto will have no choice but to band together to defeat him with Code spectating on the sidelines.

However, it would mean repeating the previous chapter’s events and contradiction of the flash-forward scene.

But if Borushiki were to be revived gradually via Amado’s intervention, this could be where Kawaki parts ways with Naruto.

If Naruto were to attack the person who has dedicated his entire life to his safety, there’s no doubt that Kawaki would break and may defect to Kara out of grief and rage.

Even though the brothers may have a plan and Kawaki was prepared to follow through with it, Naruto’s emotionally distressed wrath may derail him off course.

However, this would spell disaster for Naruto and Shikamaru as their lives will be in danger.

But even if Kawaki would side with Code, Ada would not allow him to be fed to the Ten-Tails as she plans to court him.

Did Kawaki kill Boruto? Will Momoshiki stay dead? Are Code’s plans ruined?
Naruto Uzumaki | Source: Fandom

Seeing that Boruto could be indefinitely out of the picture, she wouldn’t risk losing another boyfriend candidate, which again ruins Code’s plan.

Regardless of how the chapter handles the chaos that’s about to ensue, it’ll be a significant turning point for Kawaki.

Will this be where he goes full villain? Or will this be where the seeds of his future hatred of Shinobi are sown?

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