WWE: Wrestling World Stunned by the Sudden Death of Bray Wyatt at 35

The WWE family and professional wrestling fans worldwide are mourning the untimely passing of superstar Bray Wyatt at just 35 years old. Wyatt, whose real name was Windham Lawrence Rotunda, died unexpectedly on August 25th, 2023, stunning and devastating the wrestling community.

Wyatt grew up surrounded by the wrestling business as a third-generation performer, Mike Rotunda’s son and Blackjack Mulligan’s grandson. After playing college football, Wyatt embarked on his own highly successful wrestling career in WWE at just 22 years old in 2009.

Over the next decade, Wyatt blossomed into one of WWE’s most popular and creative characters. His depth as a performer and commitment to his ominous personas made him a standout talent. Wyatt held numerous championships during his decorated career, including the WWE Title and Universal Title.

However, Wyatt’s release from WWE in 2021 shocked many in the industry. At just 34 years old, Wyatt seemed poised for even more success in wrestling. His untimely passing now at 35 is a tragic loss for the business. As the wrestling world mourns, many wonder how this could happen to such a vibrant, beloved performer still in his prime.

Did Bray Wyatt die? What is the cause behind his death?
Bray Wyatt in WWE | Source: WWE

Speculation on What Led to Wyatt’s Tragic Passing

While an official cause of death has not been revealed, there is widespread speculation concerning what led to Wyatt’s untimely passing. However, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful was permitted to disclose that Bray Wyatt got COVID, which exacerbated a heart issue.

Online rumors suggest he died of a heart attack. According to various reports, Wyatt had been dealing with mental and physical health issues that may have contributed to his death in recent years.

Throughout his WWE tenure, Wyatt was known to physically push his body to the limit for matches and demanding storylines. The grind of the wrestling business has been linked to various health problems for performers.

There is concern that the intense schedule and Wyatt’s hard-hitting style in the ring may have taken its toll physically.

Mentally, many close to Wyatt have pointed to him struggling with the demands of wrestling stardom. Wyatt was released from WWE while battling anxiety and depression, according to sources. After over a decade with WWE, the stress of his sudden firing affected Wyatt deeply. There is sadness that Wyatt was not given more support during difficult times.

Additionally, Wyatt was open about his past substance abuse issues. Personal struggles with addiction have claimed the lives of many famous wrestlers far too soon. Whether any ongoing substance problems contributed to Wyatt’s death is unknown but cannot be ruled out.

Determining an official cause must wait until a medical investigation is completed. However, the collective toll of Wyatt’s demanding career, mental health battles, and other stressors may provide some insight into this tragedy.

Did Bray Wyatt die? What is the cause behind his death?
Bray Wyatt as “The Fiend” in WWE | Source: WWE

Outpouring of Sadness at the Loss from the Wrestling World

Across WWE, other wrestling promotions, and with fans worldwide, there is an outpouring of grief over the sudden loss of Wyatt. He was beloved by colleagues, promoters, and audiences for his creativity, character work, and warmth as a person.

Longtime announcer Jim Ross called Wyatt’s passing “gut-wrenching” and said his legacy will never be forgotten.

WWE star Alexa Bliss, who worked extensively with Wyatt, said she is devastated and heartbroken over the shocking loss.

AEW President Tony Khan praised Wyatt as one of the most captivating performers and characters in all wrestling. He offered condolences to Wyatt’s family and friends.

Wrestling legends like Mick Foley, Triple H, Kane, and Randy Orton expressed shock and sadness over the untimely loss of such a talented performer. They highlighted Wyatt’s creativity, charisma, and ability to connect with any audience.

Even competitors like Impact Wrestling and NJPW issued statements mourning Wyatt’s passing at a young age. Wyatt meant so much to professional wrestling beyond just WWE.

Fans online share countless stories and memories about how Wyatt, as a performer, resonated with them. Many are still overcome with emotion about his tragic death.

The wrestling world is now united in grieving Bray Wyatt, gone too soon at just 35. His remarkable contributions to the business will never be forgotten. Wyatt’s legacy of compelling characters and captivating moments will live in arenas and with fans everywhere.

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