Demon Slayer Nichirin Sword Colours and Meanings

In the world of Kimetsu no Yaiba being action-oriented anime, weapons have a huge role in setting the fighting sequences. Kimetsu no Yaiba has introduced us to weapons ranging from swords to even odd ones such as balls. But we’re here to address the uniform weapon of the Demon Slayer Corps – swords, known as ‘Nichirin Blades’.

1. Quick Answer

Nichirin Blades are special blades used by the corps to slay demons. They are forged with an ore that happens to absorb sunlight – a substantial weakness of demons. The distinct feature of these blades not only comes from the unique ore used to forge it but also its habitual aspect of changing colour. They take on the colours of pink, red, black, blue and more when drawn by their owners, thus giving them the title of ‘Colour Changing Swords’.

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2. The Colours and its Symbolism

I. White

The white hue of the blade symbolises mist. A known user of a white blade is the Hashira, Muichiro Tokito, a practitioner of the Breath of the Mist style which is derived from the Breath of the Wind. Muichiro’s temperament is often calm and he’s often seen lost in his thoughts. The essence of his absent-mindedness and eccentric personality is somehow aptly represented through white.

II. Grey

The grey colour of the blade symbolizes stone. The Stone Pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps, Gyomei Himejima, wields a grey blade. Gyomei is a gentle person that manages to be intimidating when required. The colour grey usually symbolizes stability and wisdom, which are two inherent qualities that Gyomei possesses. Just like a stone, he is strong and grounded. 

Zenitsu vs Spider Demon ~ Demon Slayer
Zenitsu vs Spider

III. Yellow

The yellow hue of the blade symbolizes thunder. Zenitsu Agatsuma, a practitioner of the Breath of the Thunder derived from Breath of the Sun wields a yellow blade. Absent from where the action takes place, Zenitsu’s powers arise when the situation demands it. Zenitsu’s courage is as sudden and explosive as his powers. The most interesting aspect of his blade is that the colour yellow takes the form of a lighting bolt symbol across the length of the blade – hinting at the unique properties a blade can possess

IV. Indigo-Grey

The Indigo-grey hue of the blade symbolizes beast. Inosuke Hashibara who practices the Breath of the Beast derived from Breath of the Wind wields such a blade. Inosuke wields two chipped blades of Indigo-grey to slay demons. The Breath of the Beast was developed by him and embodies the animalistic nature of his personality – short temper, lack of manners, proud, and inherent need to fight.

V. Pink

The pink blade wielded by Mitsuri Kanorji symbolizes love. It is a definite representation of her Breath Style – Breath of Love. Mitsuri is quite shy but bubbly in nature. Yet in battle, Mitsuri is quite passionate and strong against the oddest of demons. Therefore, a pink blade for her isn’t questionable.

VI. Light Pink

A light pink blade symbolizes flower. It is wielded by Kanao Tsuyuri who practices Breath of the Flower. Due to her sad past, Kanao usually keeps to herself and does not make decisions for herself. Until she meets Tanjiro and she begins to open up to the world just like a flower blooms. Her style is usually dependent on speed and her reflexes, allowing very little presence in battle.

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VII. Green

A green blade is wielded by Sanemi Sanegazawa who practices the Breath of the Wind. It symbolizes the wind. Just like the wrath of strong winds, Sanemi is able to bring down demons due to his hatred towards them.


Kyojuro Rengoku of the Breath of Flames wields a red blade. It symbolizes flame. His charismatic and energy-driven personality is quite aptly captured by the colour red. Kyojuro is able to bring raging flames down on his worst of enemies. Just like Zenitsu, his blade takes the form of a flame motif down the length of his blade.

IX. Blue

The blue blade symbolizes water. It is wielded by Giyu Tomioka who practices the Breath of Water. Giyu’s fighting style is quite fluid and calm just like water. His calm and logical personality is linked to his Breath Style and therefore, blue is the perfect hue for his blade.

X. Black

Tanjiro Kamado wields a black blade. Not much is known about black blade users but it is considered to be a bad omen as none have survived too long. Tanjiro uses the Breath of the Water and Dance of the Fire God. There are theories circulating that the black symbolizes charcoal as Tanjiro’s past job was to sell charcoal. Others believe it symbolizes the Sun which would explain the rarity of it as Breath of the Sun Style is the oldest and an almost extinct style. Interestingly, black is the colour that absorbs the most sunlight – a major weakness of demons. 

Demon Slayer | EP19 | Epic Scene Tanjiro + Nezuko in Battle
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3. Nichiren Blades

Nichirin Blades are made with materials acquired from Mt Yoko, a mountain that receives the maximum amount of sunlight. The Scarlet Crimson Sand and Ore creates steel capable of absorbing sunlight. This steel is modelled into a katana that is customised in terms of shape and its functionality – to fit its user best. Decapacitation of a demon with these blades is enough to provide them with eternal sleep. Nichirin Blades possess a unique quality which is changing its colour according to its user.

These shades of colour accord certain properties to the blade. These are tied with certain breath styles and influenced by its users. This aspect of the swords embodies the thought that the sword is a representation of its user and their background. Thus, the personality, talent, technique and the bond of the user with its sword defines it.

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4. Plot

Tanjiro Kamado is the oldest sibling of a family of five children and a single mother. Their impoverished circumstances force him to take the helm of responsibility and earn for his family. Kimetsu no Yaiba’s timeline begins from a defining point in Tanjiro’s life. One ominous day, Tanjiro comes home to find his family murdered by a demon with the exception of the oldest sister, Nezuko. But things look tough for them when Tanjiro realizes that Nezuko has been turned into a demon. Tanjiro and Nezuko journey to help find Nezuko a cure. Soon, a world of demons and demon slayers open up to them.

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