Death Rally Classic is Now Permanently Free on Steam

Remedy, while celebrating its 25th anniversary, has announced that their first game, Death Rally, will now be free on Steam forever!

It never fails to bring insurmountable joy to me when an old classic video game suddenly gets revitalized either by creators or loyal fans.

It always fills me with a dose of nostalgia when I see a re-release, remake or port of a game from a bygone era.

Even something as simple as video game creators and players reminiscing about the 90s era of video games makes me highly satisfied, as someone who grew up playing a ton of these games, albeit through emulation and whatnot.

And even though this nostalgia may not exist in the truest sense, considering how I wasn’t born in that era to experience the wild-west that was the gaming industry back then, the feeling that exists within is certainly pure and honest.

So, when Remedy announced that their first title, Death Rally, will now be free on Steam, I think anyone can guess what my reaction must’ve been like towards the news!

Death Rally Classic is now permanently free on Steam
Death Rally

For those unaware, one can easily call Death Rally, one of the pioneers of Vehicular Combat Games.

Now, of course, many may argue that The Twisted Metal was the first to embrace these kinds of games truly.

To some extent, I’ll agree to it, considering the 1995 game’s technical and graphics superiority to Death Rally, despite being a year older.

Then again, the basic premise of these games is that you upgrade and equip your vehicle to destroy your opponents and come out on top. Death Rally is the perfect example of this gameplay philosophy.

Even though it may lack the 3D environments and is technically inferior to Twisted Metal, it is still an impressively fun game to play even to this day, provided you can handle the dated controls and mechanics.

If you’ve played games like Death Rally before, prepare to be overwhelmed by a sense of nostalgia and childhood memories, but if you’re starting anew, be ready to face some clunky controls while experiencing a relic from a historical era of the gaming spectrum!

Death Rally Classic is now permanently free on Steam
Death Rally

About Death Rally

Death Rally is a vehicular combat game developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by 3D Realms (Apogee Software).

Originally developed under the name of HiSpeed, the game consists of earning money by finishing first in races, destroying the opponent’s vehicles through armed cars, and finally defeating “Adversary”, the champion of Death Rally!

The game was initially released on MS-DOS but has since been made compatible with Microsoft Windows, with a remake released for mobile devices.

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