Blue Beetle Post-Credit Scenes Explained: The Return of Ted Kord

The post-credit scenes in Blue Beetle hints at the future of the DCU, as the universe takes a new shape.

The 2023 film stars Xolo Maridueña as Jaime Reyes, making it the first big superhero movie with a Latino lead. Although it was initially planned for HBO Max and the DCEU’s return, changes at DC Studios put James Gunn and Peter Safran back in charge, causing uncertainty about Blue Beetle’s future. This also raises concerns that potential hints for more stories might be ignored.

Blue Beetle delves into the origin tale of Jaime Reyes, who gains superpowers from the Scarab and becomes immersed in the superhero realm within the expansive DC Universe.

While the overall fate of the Blue Beetle project is not entirely clear, it’s assured that Jaime will persist as a legitimate character in the DC Universe. The co-CEO of DC Studios has already confirmed the continuation of Xolo Maridueña’s portrayal of Blue Beetle in some capacity.

Naturally, this increases hope that future plans for Jaime Reyes and potential hints for the broader DC Universe might be unveiled through post-credits scenes in Blue Beetle.

1. Are there post-credit scenes in Blue Beetle?

Yes. Blue Beetle includes two post-credit scenes. The first on appears in the middle of the credits and the second one appears at the end of the credits.

DC’s Blue Beetle Mid & Post-Credits Scene Explained
Blue Beetle Post Credit-Scene | Source: IMBd

This utilization of post-credits scenes in Blue Beetle aligns with the prevailing Hollywood practice observed in DC movies. The purpose of post-credit scenes is to hint the audience about forthcoming developments or future projects.

Furthermore, these scenes serve to keep viewers engaged till the end of the credits roll and acknowledge the contributions of the various individuals, including writers, actors, visual effects artists, and the broader crew, who contribute to the creation of films.

2. Should you wait for the post-credit scenes in Blue Beetle?

Of course! It is worth waiting for the post-credit scenes in Blue Beetle. The mid-credits scene teases the potential future the franchise, particularly in the context of a potential sequel, and could establish connections with other DC Universe projects that have been previously disclosed.

On the other hand, the end-credits scene in Blue Beetle is more lighthearted in nature and carries less important implications, so it can be skipped. However, I would recommend you wait a couple of minutes and catch both for a complete experience.

3. Blue Beetle Mid-Credits Scene Explained

The first Blue Beetle post-credits scene reveals a crucial detail: Ted Kord is alive.

The film acknowledges the legacy of the former Blue Beetle, who is Jennifer’s father and the ex-CEO of Kord Industries. He vanished under mysterious circumstances after becoming obsessed with the Scarab, the source of the Blue Beetle’s powers.

DC’s Blue Beetle Mid & Post-Credits Scene Explained
Ted Kord

His presumed death allowed Victoria Kord to take over the company. The scene shows Ted Kord’s secret base, the Beetle Nest, and focuses on an empty spot where his Blue Beetle suit should be.

The post-credits scene of Blue Beetle centers on a recorded message that plays on the computer in the Beetle Nest. A voice says “Hello?” and then expresses his astonishment.

He asks whoever activated his computer, unaware that it was Jaime, Jennifer, and Rudy Reyes, to deliver this message to his daughter and tell her that her dad is alive. The scene confirms the identity of the speaker as he says, “Ted Kord is alive.”

4. How the Mid-Credits Scene Sets Up Blue Beetle 2

The revelation that Ted Kord is alive sets up the potential plot for Blue Beetle 2. The film ends with Jaime and Jennifer heading to the Kord Estate to see her mom’s old paintings. This could lead them to revisit the Beetle Nest and find the new message.

The discovery that Ted Kord is alive could be the catalyst for Blue Beetle 2’s story. Jaime and Jennifer, who are now a couple, could embark on a mission to locate Ted Kord, solve the mystery of his disappearance 15 years ago, and bring an expert on the Scarab into their team.

The details of what caused Ted Kord to go missing for 15 years are still unclear, but his return in Blue Beetle 2 will enable him to become a mentor to Jaime Reyes. This is a relationship that has been featured in the comics since Jaime Reyes became the host of the Scarab.

The Blue Beetle sequel could show Ted helping Jaime improve his superhero skills and learn more about the powers and origin of the Scarab. With the plans for Blue Beetle to join the DCU, there are many possibilities for how Ted’s comeback could be explained.

5. Blue Beetle Post-Credits Scene Explained

The post-credits scene of Blue Beetle is a humorous tribute to Mexican culture, unlike the mid-credits scene, which is more about giving a hint about the franchise’s future. It showcases Rudy’s admiration for the Mexican comic superhero El Chapulín Colorado.

DC’s Blue Beetle Mid & Post-Credits Scene Explained
EL Chapulin Colorado | Source: IMDb

The character is mentioned earlier in the film through Rudy’s device that disrupts video signals and plays clips of the popular Mexican hero instead. El Chapulín Colorado was created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños in the 1970s and has appeared in various live-action and animated shows over the years.

The scenes featured in Blue Beetle’s post-credits scene celebrate the film’s strong Mexican identity and introduces El Chapulín Colorado to a wider audience.

6. About Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle is an upcoming DC Superhero movie starring Xolo Maridueña as the titular character, directed by Angel Manuel Soto.

The movie will follow the journey of Jaime Reyes, a Mexican-American teenager who discovers an alien scarab giving him his superpowered armor.

The movie will release on August 18, 2023. It will be the fourteenth installment in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU).



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