The Promised Neverland Creators Attempt A Terminator-style One-Shot Manga!

Ever since The Promised Neverland manga concluded last year, the authors, Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu, have been keeping us on our toes with their creative one-shots. 

DC3, the latest one-shot, has deviated from the duo’s usual fantasy-based plot and has delved into the world of sci-fi. 

Both the protagonists are badasses, and I might have already imagined a whole series with them going on missions and bickering with each other.

Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu’s new one-shot manga, DC3, has just been released on Shonen Jump, and everyone’s going gaga over it!

While reading the manga, I just could not shake the feeling that this kind of story has been attempted before. That is when I realized that I was relating it to the one and only, Terminator.

Saho, the protagonist, is hounded by paparazzi, haters, cult people, and basically, half the world hates her. She manages to carry herself quite well and can even kick some heretic butts.

Enter a robot bodyguard whose responsibility is to keep her safe. He does make for an awesome shonen hero but comes with the added disadvantage of a stilted morality. 

Saho reminds me of Sarah Connor, and her bodyguard has the tell-tale signs of the Terminator.

Does the resemblance end there? I don’t think so. The morally gray characters seem pretty similar as well. The half-human half-robot bodyguard is ready to kill almost anyone just to save Saho, and some of those shades are present in the classic movie as well.

All in all, the new one-shot was amazing as the mangaka duo delved into a fresh genre and delivered a heartwarming yet funny tale. 

The Promised Neverland Creators Attempt a Terminator-style One-Sho Manga!
Emma, Norman and Ray | Source: IMDb

The antagonists were defeated too soon for comfort, and the only surprise was the bodyguard’s past as Saho’s childhood friend, who she thought was dead. After being an ardent fan of the creators, this story falls short compared to their other works.

Even so, if this plot were selected to receive a series, I would love to follow it. Basically, Saho will have scary dog privileges for the rest of her life, plus an indestructible friend!

So what did you think of the one-shot? Did it ring any familiar bell in your brain too? If so, then comment all about it.

About The Promised Neverland

Created by Kaiu Shirai, this series debuted in a Weekly Shonen Jump manga in 2016. Licensed by VIZ Media for an English Language release, this series has gained immense popularity, selling 4.2 million copies in a concise period.

The story revolves around the horrific truths of an orphanage discovered by three bright kids: Emma, Norman, and Ray.

Source: Shonen Jump


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