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Cyberpunk Anime, EX-ARM, Reveals Confirmed January Release Date

EX-ARM, the upcoming cyberpunk anime, has confirmed its release date! After a long delay of five months, we will finally watch the anime adaptation of the popular EX-ARM manga.

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Humans have always been fascinated by life and death. Various attempts have been made to preserve life without a body or create life itself.

EX-ARM also stems from such a concept where the human brain is preserved even after death.

The staff of the EX-ARM manga revealed that the anime will premiere on 10th January on the Tokyo MX and Sun TV channels. BS Fuji TV will air the anime starting 12th January.

The anime was first set for a July 2020 release; however, it was delayed to fall 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic. It was then again postponed to next year.

Cyberpunk Anime, EX-ARM, Reveals Confirmed January Release Date
EX-ARM | Source: Fandom

Although fans might have been upset with the decision, it was taken to ensure safety of the staff.

Crunchyroll will also stream the anime as a Crunchyroll Originals series.

The EX-ARM manga had its origin from the Ex-Vita manga, which was published from 2011-2013. The EX-ARM manga came to be in 2015 and was also adapted into a sequel, EX-ARM EVA.

A novel called EX-ARM the Novel Deus Ex Machina was also published for the series. The anime’s first trailer, however, was met with criticism from fans due to the bad quality CGI used in the anime.

The only trace left of the protagonist in the anime is his brain. After dying in a car accident some years ago, he found himself turned into a superweapon 16 years later.

Cyberpunk Anime, EX-ARM, Reveals Confirmed January Release Date
EX-ARM | Source: Fandom

A policewoman and her android partner activate the weapon, which is named EX-ARM.

About EX-ARM

Set in the year 2030, the story follows Akira Natsume, a high school boy who seemingly died in a traffic accident 16-years ago.

Only to know that his brain was taken out and had become a part of an advanced weapon.

Akira co-operates with the EX-ARM Countermeasure Division to regain his lost memories and body.

Source: Comic Natalie

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