Seiyu Anime CUE! Reveals Adorable and Wholesome PVs for Flower and Bird Crew

Voice actors are probably the most crucial element of any anime. A character with the right voice can do wonders as everyone imagines how their favorites will sound after being animated.

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CUE! is an upcoming anime that digs deep into the industry by showing us the lives of 16 aspiring seiyuu or Japanese voice actors.

Imagine if Madara Uchiha’s voice actor was someone else. Would the character have had the same fearful and intimidating impact? I’m guessing no, and this is precisely why training and choosing the right voice matters a lot.

This upcoming anime might look like another light-hearted show with kawaii characters, but the story and teasers can prove you wrong.

Seiyu-themed anime CUE! has revealed two PVs featuring the Flower and Bird groups for the upcoming January 7 premiere.

The first PV is the Flower version that focuses on the group members: Haruna Mutsuishi, Maika Takatori, Shiho Kano, and Honoka Tsukii.

TVアニメ『CUE!』PV第5弾 チームPV Ver.Flower
TV Anime “CUE!” PV 5th Team PV Ver.Flower

The video begins with each character introducing themselves as their profile flashes on the screen for a while. We then get to see more of their personality and behaviors as the PV goes on.

Flower crew seems to have a great relationship as they support one another and share all sorts of moments. The PV even includes a scene where Haruna gets jitters, and Maika reassures her that everything will be alright.

The next one is the Bird version PV which centers on its group members Yūki Tendō, Chisa Akagawa, Airi Eniwa, and Yuzuha Kujō.

TVアニメ『CUE!』PV第4弾 チームPV Ver.Bird
TV Anime “CUE!” PV 4th Team PV Ver.Bird

The PV follows the same format as the Flower version one but with Bird group’s members. As it progresses, we see how all of the members have such unique personalities that surprisingly go well together.

Even after coming from such different backgrounds, there is rarely a moment of dispute among the members. This is something common in all four groups, and it honestly feels so refreshing to witness.

The series is so much more than just an anime with cute protagonists. It shows us the lives of different characters, what inspires them, their struggles, strengths, and so much more.

We also get some adorable visuals and animations with all of that, so obviously, I can’t wait for the premiere.

About CUE!

CUE! is a Japanese smartphone game for Android and iOS platforms produced by Liber Entertainment. It was released in October 2019. The game will be inspiring an anime adaptation soon.

The game revolves around 16 aspiring idols who belong to a not-so-popular agency. The player is the manager of these idols, whose role is to make the girls flourish.

Source: CUE! Official YouTube Channel


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