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Criminal UK Review: Is It Worth A Watch?

Criminal is an anthologized police procedural drama on Netflix, which revolves around crime suspects and police officers in four different countries- UK, Spain, Germany and France. The UK version is created by George Kay and Jim Field Smith. The show boasts of a stellar cast and includes David Tennant, Hayley Atwell, Kit Harrington, and Kunal Nayyar.

1.Quick Review

An intensely real drama between suspects and a team of police officers in an interrogation room, Criminal UK shines because of its cast.

2.Series and Info Links

Criminal UK

Air Date: September 20, 2019 Status: Upcoming Season 3 Studio: Idiotlamp Productions No. of Seasons: 2 No. of Episodes: 7
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3.Is It Worth Watching?

Criminal: UK is a collection of gripping crime stories that are told in a novel fashion.


Each episode in the series deals with a different story and suspect. All the action takes place in an interrogation room, sometimes spilling over to a break room of the police officers.

Although the suspect changes with every episode, the police officers remain the same throughout the season.

The first season focusses on three different suspects. The first episode revolves around an emotionless doctor called Edgar Fallon, whose young stepdaughter was found dead in the woods. Her throat was slit and her body showed signs of sexual assault. Her stepfather is the prime suspect.

In the second episode, a woman is brought in for allegedly poisoning her sister’s partner.

Criminal UK-review
Hayley Atwell in Criminal UK | Source: Netflix

The sophomore season steps up the story in some ways. It has four episodes instead of three and the stories of the second and third episodes are slightly controversial and questionable.

The second episode of the second season revolves around Alex, an entitled and arrogant businessman who is accused of raping a co-worker. His defense is stout and unrelenting.

The third episode focusses on online vigilantism. A woman named Danielle is brought in. But all she does is run a website that tracks down sexual predators and pedophiles. Why was a lady with intentions as noble as her brought in for questioning?

As the police question the suspects, the layers of lies and misconceptions are peeled off to reveal the truth beneath their crimes. But are all of them criminals?

II.Detailed Analysis

The USP of Criminal: UK is its premise and storytelling. The beginning and the end of each of the suspect’s story is in the interrogation room. The show does not need to leave the precinct for the drama to take place.

The drama unfolds through the confessions of the suspects and the questions, which is what makes the series special. The same room, the uncooperating suspects and the constant deception takes a toll on the detectives as well as the audience.

But the claustrophobia and the grittiness of the narrative gives the show the touch of realism which is very rare in police dramas nowadays.

However, not all the episodes in the two seasons are up to the mark. The first season is much better overall. The second season does not perform as well as the first one. There are certain episodes that are much better in terms of performance and storylines.

Criminal UK-review
Source: Netflix

Even in the not-so-good episodes, the show maintains a quality that is admirable and hard to achieve. The show has suspense, unexpected plot twists and amazing performances. The audience will fall in love with some of the suspects who are brought into the precinct for questioning.

III. Characters

Some tv shows shine more because of its antagonists than its protagonists. Criminal: UK is one of those shows.

The suspects are intriguing- the viewers will be sympathetic for some; for a few others, there is no emotion but hate.

The best performance in the series is from David Tennant. His portrayal as the stone-faced Edgar Fallon, who is suspected of murdering his teenage stepdaughter is fantastic. It is a treat to watch his acting as the non-cooperative doctor who believes he is above all.

Criminal UK-review
David Tennant as Dr Edgar Fallon | Source: Netflix

Another very surprising performance is by Kunal Nayyar in the second season. He plays Sandeep Singh, a convicted felon who wishes to cut a deal with the police. His chilling portrayal as the confident murderer is a far cry from his most famous role, the nerdy Rajesh Koothrappali.


Criminal UK

Story: A

Cinematography/Animation: A+

Direction: A+

Music: A-

Direction: A

5.Final Thoughts

Criminal: UK is a must-watch for all crime drama lovers. It is devoid of all the unnecessary drama that usually surrounds the majority of crime shows.

It weaves a story with only the questioning part of the legal procedure. However, the claustrophobia might get a little too much for some. But for seasoned crime drama lovers, the show is a great watch.

The first season makes a better impression than the second. But the first and last episodes of the second season are as good as the episodes in the first season. 

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