Complete Inuyasha Filler Guide: How Many Fillers Are There?

Inuyasha, a beautiful blend of action and romance, is an anime that holds a special nostalgic place in many hearts. An anime with such an elegant plot does have a little beauty spot in the form of fillers that sometimes enhances its charm and sometimes makes it a drag.

A total of 193 episodes of Inuyasha have aired, out of which 38 are reported as filler episodes. Only 20% of Inuyasha is filler. Inuyasha: Final Act (episodes 168-193) has zero fillers and is completely canon.

Inuyasha is all about the journey and the moments that the characters share. This makes the filler slightly less annoying and boring, but they still stop the story from progressing. There are some well-executed and brilliant fillers, but most of them can be skipped.

Follow the list below to get the best Inuyasha viewing experience!

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1. Quick List

  • Canon: 1-25, 27-56, 60-62, 66, 67, 70, 71, 73, 74, 80-82, 85, 86, 88, 103-126, 131, 132, 143, 145, 146, 149-159, 161, 164-193
  • Partial Canon: 26, 57, 58, 69, 83, 84, 87, 102, 141, 142, 144, 147, 148, 160
  • Filler: 59, 63-65, 68, 72, 75-79, 89-101, 127-130, 133-140, 162, 163
Episode No.TitleAir DateWatch Links
59The Beautiful Sister Apprentices2002-02-04Hulu
63The Red and White Priestesses2002-03-11Hulu
64Giant Ogre of the Forbidden Tower2002-03-18Hulu
65Farewell Days of My Youth2002-04-08Hulu
68Shippo Gets an Angry Challenge2002-05-06Hulu
72Totosai’s Rigid Training2002-06-03Hulu
75The Plot of the Panther Devas2002-06-24Hulu
76Target: Sesshomaru and Inuyasha2002-07-01Hulu
77The Panther Tribe and the Two Swords of the Fang2002-07-08Hulu
78Only You, Sango2002-07-15Hulu
79Jaken’s Plan to Steal Tetsusaiga2002-07-22Hulu
89Nursing Battle of the Rival Lovers2002-10-21Hulu
90Sota’s Brave Confession of Love2002-10-28Hulu
91The Suspicious Faith Healer and the Black Kirara2002-11-04Hulu
92Plot of the Walking Dead2002-11-18Hulu
93The Mysterious, Lecherous Monk2002-11-25Hulu
94The Sacred Jewel Maker Part I2002-12-02Hulu
95The Sacred Jewel Maker Part II2002-12-09Hulu   
96Jaken Falls ill2003-01-13Hulu
97Kirara, Come Home!2003-01-20Hulu
98Kikyo and Kagome: Alone in a Cave2003-01-27Hulu
99Koga and Sesshomaru, A Dangerous Encounter2003-02-03Hulu
100Truth Behind the Nightmare: Battle in the Forest of Sorrow2003-02-10Hulu
101The Snow from Seven Years Past2003-02-17Hulu
127Don’t Boil It! The Terrifying Dried-Up Demon2003-09-15Hulu
128Battle Against the Dried-Up Demons at the Cultural Festival2003-10-13Hulu
129Chokyukai and the Abducted Bride2003-10-20Hulu
130Shippo’s New Technique, The Heart Scar!2003-10-27Hulu      
133The Woman Who Loved Sesshomaru (Part 1)2003-11-24Hulu
134The Woman Who Loved Sesshomaru (Part 2)2003-11-24Hulu
135The Last Banquet of Miroku’s Master2003-12-01Hulu
136A Strange Invisible Demon Appears!2003-12-08Hulu
137An Ancestor Named Kagome2004-01-12Hulu
138Mountain of Demons: Survival of the Duo2004-01-19Hulu
139The Great Duel at Shoun Falls2004-01-26Hulu
140Eternal Love, The Naginata of Kenkon2004-02-02Hulu
162Forever with Lord Sesshomaru2004-08-09Hulu
163Kohaku, Sango and Kirara: The Secret Flower Garden2004-08-23Hulu
Complete Filler Guide of Inuyasha
Inuyasha | Source: Inuyasha Wiki-Fandom

2. Which fillers can you skip?

Not all Inuyasha fillers are bad, but some are really unnecessary in plot progression and entertainment. You can safely skip the following episodes without missing out! 

  • Farewell Days of My Youth (Episode 65)
  • Shippo Gets an Angry Challenge (Episode 68)
  • The Suspicious Faith Healer and the Black Kirara (Episode 91)
  • Plot of the Walking Dead (Episode 92)
  • The Mysterious, Lecherous Monk (Episode 93)
  • The Sacred Jewel Maker Part I (Episode 94)
  • The Sacred Jewel Maker Part II (Episode 95)
  • Koga and Sesshomaru, A Dangerous Encounter (Episode 99)
  • Truth Behind the Nightmare: Battle in the Forest of Sorrow (Episode 100)
  • The Snow from Seven Years Past (Episode 101)
  • Chokyukai and the Abducted Bride (Episode 129)
  • Shippo’s New Technique, The Heart Scar! (Episode 130)
  • The Woman Who Loved Sesshomaru (Part 1) (Episode 133)
  • The Woman Who Loved Sesshomaru (Part 2) (Episode 134)
  • The Last Banquet of Miroku’s Master (Episode 135)
  • A Strange Invisible Demon Appears! (Episode 136)
  • An Ancestor Named Kagome (Episode 137)
  • Mountain of Demons: Survival of the Duo (Episode 138)
  • The Great Duel at Shoun Falls (Episode 139)
  • Eternal Love, The Naginata of Kenkon (Episode 140)

3. About Inuyasha

Inuyasha, also known as Inuyasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi.

Inuyasha premiered in Weekly Shōnen Sunday on November 13, 1996, and concluded on June 18, 2008, with the chapters collected into 56 tankōbon volumes by Shogakukan.

Complete Filler Guide of Inuyasha
Inuayasha | Source: IMDb

Kagome Higurashi, a 15-year-old schoolgirl, gets transported to the Sengoku period of Japan after falling into a well in her family shrine. There she meets the half dog-demon, Inuyasha.

Kagome possesses a powerful magical Shikon Jewel. When a monster from that era tries to take the Jewel, Kagome shatters the Jewel into many pieces.

Now, Kagome and Inuyasha must retrieve the shards before the evil half spider-demon Naraku finds them.

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