Clint Makes Kate His Official Hawkeye Partner in Series Finale

From viewing Kate Bishop as an annoying fan to treating her as his equal, Clint has had quite the journey selecting his protege. In episode 6, Clint finally makes Kate his Hawkeye partner.

Ever since little Kate saw Hawkeye fighting the Chituari army, all she’s ever wanted was to be in the leagues of her superhero, fighting for the good side. But things didn’t pan out that way when she did meet Clint in the flesh.

Clint Makes Kate His Official Hawkeye Partner in Series Finale
Kate and Clint

Now, the reason they say you shouldn’t meet your idols, is because they’ll never live up to your expectations. But Clint’s reluctance to get Kate involved proves how he values everyone else’s safety over his own

This only reignites Kate’s faith in him, prompting her to step up her game and prove her worth.

Although episode 5 ended with Clint pushing Kate away once again, in episode 6 he recognizes how Kate is willing to own difficult circumstances, even if it means apprehending a loved one like her mother.

This is where he officially gets Kate into the Hawkeye partner, saying, “Kate, you’re my partner. Your mess is my mess.”

The Hawkeye episodes have depicted that not only can Kate hold her ground during physical combat, but she’s also great at quick decisions and is an ace marksman. Her fight with Kingpin stands as testimony.

Plus, her unwavering sense of duty and millennial humor are quite the add-on too!

It was so endearing to see that when Clint notices Kate is sad, he replicates her usual silliness, trying to cheer her up with things like trick arrows. Both of them are rubbing off on each other, it seems! Clint also did imply that being Kate’s mentor has only made him better.

Clint Makes Kate His Official Hawkeye Partner in Series Finale
Clint Barton

But the partnership really hit home (literally) when Clint gets Kate to join his family for Christmas.

Part of me knows that the reason Clint rejected all of Kate’s superhero name suggestions is because he wants her to be the Hawkeye.

Welcome to the crew, Kate!

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About Hawkeye

Hawkeye is an upcoming television miniseries for the Disney+ streaming service. Created by Jonathan Igla, it is based on the Marvel comic character of the same name. The show will feature Clint Barton aka. Hawkeye and newcomer Kate Bishop who will eventually become the next Hawkeye.

Cast members include Jeremy Renner who will be reprising his role as Barton, and Hailee Steinfeld will be playing Kate Bishop. Additional cast includes Vera Farmiga, Fra Fee, and Florence Pugh, who too will reprise her role from the unreleased “Black Widow”. Hawkeye is scheduled to be released in November 2021.

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