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Cells At Work! Code Black Airs Episodes 3 And 4 As 1-Hour Special

Cells at Work! Code Black is a spinoff series of the original Cells at Work anime. Because it is a spinoff, the general idea of cells inhabiting the body is the same, but the atmosphere is different.

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As opposed to the original series, Code Black has a more severe and grave undertone. The cells inhabit the body of a middle-aged man who is always ailing from one thing or another.

The official Twitter account of Cells at Work! Code Black revealed that the 3rd and 4th episodes of the series will be released together in the form of a one-hour special on 18th January.

1-hour special broadcast decision]

A special episode of “Cells at Work! BLACK” will be broadcast in one hour, including episodes 3 and 4!

A special visual is also released.

▼ Broadcast content

Episode 3 “Excitement, Expansion, Void.”

Episode 4 “Frontline, Gonorrhea, Conflict.”

▼ 1H special broadcast details

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A new visual is also revealed for the upcoming one-hour special show. It shows the main characters of the anime while the young red blood cell protagonist takes center stage.

The anime debuted on 9th January, and the second episode will premiere on 16th January.

Cells at Work! had a happier undertone in comparison to Code Black. Just as the name suggests, the cells are under constant stress, and alcohol and smoking are ruining the body.

A sense of gloom lingers as cells have to work in stressful and unhealthy conditions.

The first episode of the series painted a false rosy picture when the new red cells were recruited. However, they soon understood the solemn reality as the naive protagonist is overworked.

Cells At Work! Code Black Airs Episodes 3 & 4 As 1-Hour Special
Cells At Work! | Source: Fandom

Aniplex of America licenses the anime, and Funimation streams it. AnimeLab streams the anime in Australia and New Zealand.

The rock band POLYSICS is performing the opening theme song, “Hashire.” The band is also performing the ending theme, “Look Up and Carry on with Red/White Blood Cells.”

The manga first debuted in June 2018. The cast and staff members of the anime are separate from that of the main series.

About Cells at Work

Inside the human body, roughly 37.2 trillion cells work energetically 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Fresh out of training, the cheerful and somewhat airheaded Red Blood Cell AE3803 is ready to take on the ever-so-important task of transporting oxygen.

As usual, White Blood Cell U-1146 is hard at work, patrolling and eliminating foreign bacteria seeking to make the body their new lair. Elsewhere, little platelets are lining up for a new construction project.

Dealing with wounds and allergies, getting lost on the way to the lungs, and bickering with similar cell types, the daily lives of cells are always hectic as they work together to keep the body healthy!

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