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Sumikko Gurashi 2nd Film’s Trailer Previews a Heartwarming Theme Song

Sumikko Gurashi is an anime that resonates with introverts who feel comfortable in a corner. The title itself roughly translates to “life in a corner,” and maybe this series will make you feel a bit more at home with yourself. From a penguin with existential crisis to an uneaten piece of pork[…]

Anime News Sumikko Gurashi

Follow the Cute Adventures of Sumikko Gurashi in Their Upcoming Film

You might have seen the characters of Sumikko Gurashi on stationery, but these cute animals have an empire of their own. The franchise has been featured in all sorts of merchandise, games, and even a movie. The first movie of the franchise, Sumikko Gurashi: The Pop-up Book and The Secret Child[…]