Can you complete Genshin Impact without spending money on gacha? 

Genshin Impact has taken the gaming community by storm with its massive world, interesting characters, and immersive gameplay. However, you might notice several players and streamers spending thousands of dollars on the game’s gacha mechanics, trying to unlock five-star characters and artifacts to make their battles easier.  

Many fans worry that the game might be pay-to-win like several other popular free-to-play games. However, it’s possible to play this game without having to deal with micro-transactions.  

You can finish Genshin Impact without paying for gacha in-game by grinding missions to get items that they need to level up their character. Additionally, you’ll need to farm Primogems or complete events to get additional characters in your roster.  

In this article, I’ll explain how Genshin Impact’s payment system works, how to make the most out of the game without spending money, and answer related queries.  

How can you get Primogems for free in Genshin Impact? 

Can you complete Genshin Impact without spending money on gacha?

Players can complete the Spiral Abyss, limited-time events, and complete side and main story quests to get Primogems for free in Genshin Impact.  

miHoYo has provided several options for players to get Primogems, which in turn allows you to get better teammates in-game. While it won’t be as much as you can get by paying, you’ll eventually be able to get stronger characters after playing the game for a while.  

Do you need to spend money to get characters in Genshin Impact?  

Can you complete Genshin Impact without spending money on gacha?
Characters in Genshin Impact

You might need to spend money to get the characters you want in Genshin Impact. However, it’s not compulsory as you will get several characters throughout the story, and Primogems to buy some wishes and try to get them.  

The only way to get some characters in Genshin Impact is to buy wishes that works on gacha mechanics. In other words, there’s no way to know how many Primogems you’ll need to get the specific character you want in Genshin Impact. 

However, it’s not a crucial part of the game, and you will get enough heroes throughout your journey to help you finish story quests and side campaigns.  

Do you need to spend money to complete events in Genshin Impact? 

Can you complete Genshin Impact without spending money on gacha?
Complete Events

No, you don’t need to spend money to complete events or missions in Genshin Impact. However, spending money can help you get stronger characters and artifacts making it easier to defeat higher-level bosses. 

Typically, Genshin Impact will have simple limited-time events that anyone can complete, making it a fun experience for the community. But, recently, the “Legend of the Vagabond Sword” has received criticism from the fanbase, especially from the ones that play the game for free. 

The event features bosses that are ridiculously difficult to defeat using stronger characters. It might be a method to encourage players to spend some money to make missions simpler, but overall, defeating these bosses is doable and requires players to make their units stronger. 

In other words, the only difference between paying and playing Genshin Impact for free is the ability to clear events with higher difficulty. You can manually change the levels of the enemies in specific missions like domains, but you’ll receive fewer rewards.  

Do you need to grind in Genshin Impact?  

Can you complete Genshin Impact without spending money on gacha?
Artifacts Materials

You don’t need to start grinding in Genshin Impact in the beginning if you follow the main quests and level your characters and weapons. However, as the game progresses, the game’s difficulty will increase, and you’ll need to grind to get better artifacts and ascension materials. 

You will need to grind the game while trying to clear the Spiral Abyss. You’ll be having a tough time searching artifacts with the best main stats and substats. As a result, you’ll need to grind, but it’s only during certain parts of the game.  

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About Genshin Impact

Developed and published by miHoYo, Genshin Impact is an action-adventure RPG. It allows for both single-player and multiplayer gameplay. Furthermore, the game supports both cross-platform and cross-save features.

Genshin Impact is full of countless magical characters that will come with their own set of unique skills to kill enemies. Since it is an open-world game that one can explore by several movements like walking, swimming, gliding, and climbing.

The game allows enthusiasts to choose the gender of the playable character. In a quest to find your lost sibling, you will stumble upon other playable characters too who will assist you in unveiling the secrets of the gods of this dynamic world.

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