Bucchigiri?! Episode 6 Release Date, Speculation, Watch Online

Episode 5 of ‘Bucchigiri?!’ is titled “Frightening! Chili Shrimps Falling Down like Snowflakes!” In this episode, Matakara discovers the secret base of NG Boys.

Shindo fights Matakara and uses the power of Ichiya to take him down. Arajin is also in the same warehouse, enjoying his time with the NG Girls. However, Matakara tries to convince Arajin to help him solve the conflict between Minato Kai and Siguma.

Arajin refuses to be reminded of his childhood dream of becoming a Honki Person. Matakara continues to believe in Araijn, even if he doesn’t believe in himself.

Here are the latest updates.

1. Episode 6 Release Date

Episode 6 of ‘Bucchigiri?!’ will be released on Saturday, February 17, 2024. It is a weekly anime, and new episodes are released every Saturday. You can watch ‘Bucchigiri?!’ anime on Crunchyroll.

I. Is Bucchigiri?! on a Break?

‘Bucchigiri?!’ is not on a break this week. Episode 6 has not been delayed and will be released on the above-stated date.

2. Episode 6 Speculation

Arajin accidentally showed Senya’s power against Shindo after being provoked. Now that Shindo knows about Senya’s location, Arajin is in great danger. The next episode will likely be focused on the fight between Kenichiro and Marito.

The situation has escalated too far despite Matakara clearing up the initial misunderstanding. Marito and Kenichiro will not hold back in this fight until either of them die. Shindo will likely be the main interruption that stops the fight.

Shindo’s newfound strength with Ichiya will make Kenichiro curious. Kenichiro will likely win the fight against Marito due to his huge build and experience. However, Shindo may use that opportunity to take revenge on Kenichiro using a Honki Punch.

3. Recap of Episode 5

The Emperor is working all their members until they fall from exhaustion in a warehouse. Matakara enters the warehouse and asks Shindo to talk with him about the situation. Arajin appears from the back of the warehouse in his underwear.

Matakara challenges Shindo to a fight and starts exchanging blows. However, Shindo easily beats Matakara with the power of Ichiya within him. Matakara gets tied up and put in a dark, hidden room. Matakara continues believing in Arajin and the goal of becoming a Honki person.

Kenichiro shows up for the fight with all of Minato’s goons at his side. Meanwhile, Shindo introduces Arajin to a massive crowd of the NG Boys. Shindo convinces Arajin to join the NG Boys after showing him some cute girls in the group. Next up, Shindo plans to defeat Minato and Siguma while they’re exhausted from the fight.

Bucchigiri?! Episode 6 Release Date, Speculation, Watch Online
Shindo | Source: Crunchyroll

Matakara refuses to believe that Arajin would give up on his dream to become a Honki Person. Shindo asks Arajin about Honki, and Arajin lies about visiting the shrine. Shindo still holds a grudge against Kenichiro after how he treated Shindo when he was in Minato Kai.

Zabu discovers the warehouse and frees Matakara from the prison cell. While NG stands by near the fight to wait for Kenichiro and Marito to fight, Arajin tries to sneak off. Shindo provokes Arajin by talking about taking Mahoro as a trophy girl, making Arajin punch Shindo with Senya’s strength.

The fight begins as both Minato Kai and Siguma charge towards each other. Luckily, Matakara makes it in the nick of time to stop them both. Kenichiro and Marito don’t care about the original circumstances and just want to fight.

Bucchigiri?! Episode 6 Release Date, Speculation, Watch Online
Kenichiro vs Marito | Source: Crunchyroll

4. Where to Watch Bucchigiri?!?

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5. About Bucchigiri?!

‘Bucchigiri?!’ is an original anime series produced by MAPPA and directed by Hiroko Utsumi. Mappa and Utsumi have previously worked together on ‘Banana Fish’. The anime is scheduled for release in January 2024.

Araji Tomobishi reunites with his former friend Mataka Asamine. However, he gets pushed into battles with powerful individuals. Elsewhere, a shadow of a demon emerges.


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