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Bosch Review – Should you watch this Amazon drama?

The return of the sixth season of Bosch brings with it a feeling of familiarity and comfort. Amazon’s enduring drama that first aired in 2014 has managed to produce season after season of gripping police investigation and action.

In a world where shows on streaming services are trying to out-wit, out-crazy, or out-think the competition Bosch is a steady ship in turbulent waters.

Bosch Review
Titus Welliver aka Bosch | Source: Amazon Prime

While it may be hard for the younger generation to get hooked on what is described as a “dad-drama”, Bosch helped Amazon build a viewer base.

1. Quick Review

Old fans of the franchise know what they can expect every time a new season of Bosch drops on Amazon.

Filled with cop clichés and a straightforward narrative, the LAPA maverick cop Bosch, tackles new crimes, arrests more dangerous criminals, and upsets new bureaucrats this time around.

For the younger generation, Bosch is a great opportunity to get a glimpse into television dramas and police procedurals that were all the rage in America.

Throwing you back to a simpler time Bosch stays on the straight and narrow, but it is hard to figure out how the show has survived for as long as it has.

2. Is It Worth Watching?

The character and plots of Bosch are based on the novels by Michael Connelly. Connelly ad Eric Overmeyer, along with several faces who have worked on The Wire, came together for this show. Jim Mckay directed the pilot, and Jamie Hector also a Wire veteran, plays Bosch’s partner.

BOSCH Season 1 TRAILER | New Amazon Studios Series
Bosch Trailer

The show is nowhere close to that epic drama and is a mediocre offering when compared to the high standards of television today.

I. Plot

The story revolves around the LAPD detective Bosch, who refuses to do things by the book but still manages to get results.

In the first episode, he chases a suspect down a street without his partner, and when the perpetrator pulls a gun, Bosch shoots and kills him. He becomes entangled in a trial over the wrongful death of that man and is suspended.

During his suspension, he and his partner start investigating a serial killer after they find a body in the trunk of a car. As the seasons change so do the plotlines as different books by Connelly are adapted for the latest seasons. Several complex cases unravel, and the show injects every clichéd subplot involving affairs, horrible bosses, and rivals as the series progress.

Bosch Review
Bosch | Source: IMDb

Bosch will do his best to solve crimes while trying to deal with the problems in his family. He pisses off his superiors and doesn’t hesitate to use his gun to bring down the criminals.

It is sad to see that Amazon has not managed to innovate the show or incorporate new elements during its 6-year run.

II. Cast & Performances

Titus Welliver plays the military veteran turned policeman serving in the LAPD. Known for his roles in Lost and Sons of Anarchy he is perfect as the gruff, witty cop.

Titus has nailed down the portrayal of the nitty-gritty of police work mixed with dry humor. He holds the whole show together, and his bonding with his daughter in the later seasons is commendable.

The writers have developed Madison Lintz’s character and have incorporated her into the fabric of the show. It is a commendable feat that they have avoided the stereotypes of the rebellious teenage daughter and have given her a mature, intuitive role.

Bosch Review
Harry Bosch and Jerry Edgar | Source: Amazon Prime

Bosch lives by his motto of “Everybody counts or Nobody counts” and is tough without appearing hilarious. Their relationship is one of the highlights of the latest season.

3. Final Thoughts

Bosch offers more of the same mediocre police investigation and crime drama. It is not the best show in the genre, and the fact that it has not developed into something more is disappointing. The writers have had more than enough time to incorporate fresh angles into the story, but the show remains a white-cop-solves-crime endeavor.

The batch of books by Connelly has ensured that the show never lacks plots and gripping crimes as every season is based on a couple of books.

While the show helped launch Amazon and gave the viewers something to keep coming back for, it feels like a show stuck in a different era. Many innovative dramas and comedies on Amazon itself make it difficult to recommend Bosch to someone.

4. Grade

Bosch 3/5

Story: B+

Cinematography/Animation: C+

Direction: B+

Music: C+

Direction: B+

5. Info


Air Date: 6th February 2014Status: On-goingStudio: AmzonNo. of Seasons: 6No. of Episodes: 60
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