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Boruto On Hiatus Due to New Pokemon Anime

Boruto, the successor of the very famous Naruto Shippuden anime recently has got a great amount of attention. Both old and new fans enjoyed the time travel arc as the characters take a time travel journey all the way back to Jiraya's time.

The iconic scene which all Boruto fans dreamt of seeing - young Boruto teaming up with Young Naruto finally became a thing. 'Future' Boruto introduces himself to his father as a friend. Although, the anime series will face serious competition as Pokemon will release two of its episodes, leaving no space for attention for Boruto and fellow comrades.

A post by a Twitter user @Boruto4Life states that Boruto will not be airing on 17th November. This is likely because the second episode of the new Pokemon anime series featuring Ash's journey after winning his first competition in the Alolan region, will air at the same time.

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About Boruto

Boruto started from Shueisha's proposition to Kishimoto on making a sequel to Naruto. Kishimoto rejected this offer and proposed his previous partner Mikio Ikemoto draw it where the plot was done by Ukyō Kodachi who if you remember correctly was also the essayist of the film 'Boruto: Naruto the Movie'. While the manga is handled by Kodachi and Ikemoto. Kodachi is also responsible for regulating anime's adjustment being close by Kishimoto.

The whole public reception to the Boruto scene was mostly positive as people preferred qualities of the principal characters and the similar personality skill set attached to Boruto being a social outcast just like his dad Naruto. The plot got praised by many for having a similar initial arrangement as Naruto having the same sensei-student relationship and also utilizing the old characters well.

Plot of Naruto

In close-cut combat with the demon Kyuubi, the Nine-Tailed Fox, Konohagaukre’s Fourth Hokage and his wife lose their lives. To secure the safety of their beloved village, they seal the demon inside their son, Naruto Uzumaki, moments after his birth. Now Naruto must struggle to grow up in this hate-filled world which seems to despise him for no reason.

However, his never-ending desire to become the village’s next leader takes him down a long and arduous path filled with action, ninjutsu, love and betrayal.

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