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Boruto Meets Naruto In Nine Tails Form

Boruto started off with him being an inconsiderate brat who hated his father, Naruto. However, after a tense standoff, the Uzumaki Family is complete with Naruto and Boruto making up. They’ve made up for lost time since their issues faded away, with Boruto slowly gaining respect for the Hokage as he gets to know him more. The latest arc in the series has taken this to another level. Based on the concept of time travel, this arc shows Boruto thrown back in time to the childhood of his father. A new preview was released, which has created quite a bit of hype about the interaction between Young Naruto and Boruto.

Recently @BorutoGanG, a fan of the franchise, tweeted out a still from the preview of the arc showing Boruto face to face with an incomplete version of Naruto’s Nine-Tails cloak.

Boruto seems to be pretty relaxed about the whole thing. Still, fans know how wild and unpredictable this version of Naruto can be. Powered by pure rage, poisoning everything that touches his cloak, Naruto can lash out at people around him at any time. However, Boruto seems unaffected by this eerie chakra around his father. Naruto is his father and a friend, but Boruto should proceed with caution. With the arc continuing, the duo has formed quite a deep bond, which hints to the development that Boruto will be the one that talks Naruto out of this destructive mode. Regardless of how it turns out, fans are excited to see Naruto in the early stages of his development, Dattebayo!

About Naruto

In close-cut combat with the demon Kyuubi, the Nine-Tailed Fox, Konohagaukre’s Fourth Hokage and his wife lose their life. To secure the safety of their beloved village, they seal the demon inside their son, Naruto Uzumaki, moments after his birth. Now Naruto must struggle to grow up in this hate-filled world which seems to despise him for no reason.

However, his never-ending desire to become the village’s next leader takes him down a long and arduous path filled with action, Ninjutsu, love and betrayal.

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