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Netflix Black Mirror: Season 5 – worth watching?

The new season of Black Mirror season 5 consists of three episodes on Netflix. It features few well-known faces, from Topher Grace to Anthony Mackie to Miley Cyrus. After an innovative but disappointing interactive film Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, there is a new and fifth season of Black Mirror’s much-loved science fiction franchise. However, none of them is able to save the Netflix series’ lethargic writing and near boring viewing experience.

Unlike the previous seasons of Black mirror , where the technology plays the villain or key component of the thrilling experience, the new series uses it just as an aid to the human psyche. And if you think that there is even a minute possibility of a good human psychological thriller- stop right there.  All three episodes are the half-baked attempt of a wannabe Disney writer. It neither engages nor entertains in any way.

The first story of this Netflix series stars Andrew Scott. As a psycho Uber driver whose backstory creates no other feeling than boredom.
Topher Grace is wasted in the story. I am not even going to bother trying to summarise the plot.  The second one starring Marvel’s Falcon Anthony Mackie comes across as a satire trying too hard to shock the audience. Yet turning into a Nicholas Spark’s love story instead. The third one starred Disney alum and singer Miley Cyrus in her Hannah Montana avatar. Right from the third scene, it starts to feel dated. As if the makers picked the story up from the wastepaper basket. Almost like they tried to turn it into a 16-year-old’s goth fantasy.

Black Mirror franchise has survived in the memory of fickle-minded online watchers because of its content and variety. If the new season is anything to go by, it is soon going to join the canceled list of mediocre shows no one cares about.

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