Black Clover New Theme Update 2019

Black Clover is on roll right now. It’s because Black Clover now enters the amazing story arc –  Elf Invasion Arc. This arc will showcase some high-class battles. Fans were shocked by the ending of the last episode. This is the 8th part of the Black Clover opening/ending. This new theme is known as “Against All Odds” by M-Flo. M-Flo is a famous Japanese hip hop group. The opening is yet to be launched in the anime so far. Before that, let’s focus on events of Black Clover episode 91.

Black Clover episode 91

Episode 91 of Black Clover will focus on Who is Rhya? The background of Rhya? So, Rhya is an elf and one of the Third Eye members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. This means that he plays a vital role in the revival of elves in human forms and in their goal of wiping out humanity. Rhya’s speciality is that he can use the Imitation Magic. The elf’s Imitation Magic allows him to also copy others’ powers making it possible for him to use Dark Magic. The subsequent attacks by Rhya will be successfully countered by Mereoleona in “Black Clover” episode 91. Rhya even manages to wield a copy of Asta’s Demon Slayer Sword but even that will be nothing to Mereoleona.

Black Clover New Opening Theme Update

The new opening theme is yet to be launched for obvious reasons. The opening theme contains spoilers of the Elf Invasion arc and the studio would rather not ruin the fans’ excitement just because the arc has started. It’s probably too soon to launch a new opening theme.  
Here are some spoilers regarding the opening theme – One of the biggest is the introduction of Devil later in the arc. The devil is an indestructible creature with regeneration powers and will likely have a huge impact on the story. The new opening theme is scheduled to debut on 09 August 2019. This new theme is titled “Sky and Blue” by GIRLFRIEND.

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