Black Clover: Dark Triad Devils, Magic Type – Explained!

Black Clover anime and manga have long since been one of my favorite titles out there. The manga itself started with a lot of criticism about being “your daily shonen,” but has now established itself as much more than other shonen classics.

Since the Elf Resurrection arc, Yuki Tabata has been working meticulously over universe building in Black Clover as the focus shifts towards demons and devils.

The manga recently introduced all of its biggest and bad-est — Dark Triad’s — Dante, Vanica, and Zenon (Zeno). Along with them came their respective devils — Lucifer, Megicula, and Zenon’s devil (name unknown).

In this article, I will lay out everything we know about the rulers of the Spade Kingdom, aka Dark Triad — their powers, devils, magic type & who will they showdown with at the end.

1. What is Dark Triad?

what is dark triad? who are dante vanica zenon
Dark Triad, Spade Kingdom | Source: Black Clover Manga

Dante, Vanica, and Zenon (Zeno) are collectively known as the Dark Triad. They are possessed by the devils Lucifero, Megicula, and another one, respectively. They are the current rulers of the Spade Kingdom and also serve as the antagonists of Spade Kingdom arc.

Many years ago, the Zograti siblings, presumably Vanica, Dante, and Zeno, overthrew the then rulers of Spade Kingdom — Lord Ciel and Lady Loyce Grinberryall, who were also the real parents of Yuno. That’s how they became the rulers of the Spade.

Let’s discuss their powers and devils now.

2. Dante

Dante is the leader of the Dark Triad and the king of Spade kingdom. He is also the strongest member of the Dark Triad and is currently possessed by devil Lucifero.

I. Dante’s Magic

Dante is a user of arcane magic, Gravity Magic; he is also an extremely strong mage who was able to overwhelm the entirety of Black Bull, including an enraged Asta with two horns.

Apart from going against an overpowered Yami Sukehiro, Dante’s greatest feat, in my opinion, would be the moment when he made Rouge vanish by forcing Vanessa to spend all of her mana. He did that just by increasing a fraction of his devil power.

II. Lucifero

Dante is possessed by the highest-ranking devil, Lucifero. The type of magic used by Lucifero has not been revealed except for one panel where Dante uses “otherwordly magic” to heal a fatal wound in mere seconds.

how strong is dante who is lucifero
Dante asking Lucifero about Asta’s Devil | Source: Black Clover Wiki – Fandom

Lucifero has shown to have some different characters as compared to the other known devils. Instead of two wings and two horns (weg), Lucifero possesses four wings and four horns — fitting for the devil who possesses a king!

Dante’s Final Battle

In this section, I will lay out my theory about who will fight who at the end of the Spade Kingdom arc.

Dante and Lucifero will battle against Asta and his anti-magic devil assisted by Yami In the final battle of the Spade Kingdom arc. The manga itself is progressing towards this outcome based on these points:

  • Dante almost killed Gauche, which made Asta and Yami mad.
  • Dante’s ideals are the stark opposite of Asta’s as he is surprised about “such a devil host being in existence.”
  • Lucifero called out Asta’s devil as a low-ranking soldier with a stopgap power.

2. Vanica

Vanica is the Queen of Spade Kingdom and the second strongest member of Dark Triad. She is possessed by the curse devil, Megicula. She is the type of person who likes to trample over those who are weaker than her.

I. Vanica’s Magic

Vanica is an arcane mage and the user of Blood magic. Her magic is similar to that of Witch Queen’s, who could even control a person just by manipulating their blood.

how is vanica how strong is vanica vanica's magic
Vanica | Source: Black Clover Wiki – Fandom

Vanica’s greatest feat at the moment is definitely treating one of Noelle’s strongest spells, Sea Dragon’s Roar, like a mere mosquito.

II. Megicula

Megiucla is a devil that uses curse magic and currently possesses Dark Triad’s Vanica. Megicula is another high-ranking devil and is much stronger than Zagred (the devil of Kotodama Magic), as pointed out by Lucifero and Lolopechka, respectively.

The Megiucla’s curse is known to be incurable, having already taken the life of one of Clover Kingdom’s strongest — Acier Silva (Noelle’s mother). He has also overpowered the duo of Lolopechka and Gaja in the past. His curse is currently active on Queen Lolopechka, who is destined to die in six months unless the curse is released.

Megigula’s curse seems to be extremely strong as the combination of his Curse Magic and Vanica’s Blood magic has made Vanica’s Dark Disciples “Undead.”

who is megicula how strong are megicula and vanica
Vanica and Megicula | Source: Black Clover Wiki – Fandom

Did you know Vanica’s Dark Disciples cannot die? Does that mean they are immortal? I have explained everything on that topic below.

III. Vanica’s Final Battle

Vanica and Megicula will be fighting against Noelle Silva, assisted by Queen Loopechka at the end of the Spade Kingdom arc.

Yuki Tabata has developed this plot since the beginning of this arc — Megicula is behind the demise of Noelle’s mother, Acier Silva. He is also responsible for the curse on Queen Lolopechka.

The latest chapter, chapter 252, also confirmed that Lolopechka, who has mastery over Water magic, is the perfect assist for Noelle with their new combo spell — Valkyrie Armour: Mermaid Form.

3. Zenon

Zenon is the ruler of the Spade kingdom and is currently the weakest member of the Dark Triad. Zenon can only draw up devil power up to 80% at the moment. He is currently possessed by an unknown devil whose magic attribute is still a mystery.

who is zenon's devil how strong is he
Zenon’s Unnamed Devil | Source: Black Clover Wiki – Fandom

I. Zenon’s Magic & Devil

Zenon is an arcane stage mage who uses Bone magic. His magic is considerably overpowered and well-suited to subdue a large number of opponents, essentially an entire army.

In addition to being merciless, he is a true nationalist who believes in the supremacy of the Spade Kingdom. He was first introduced as someone who single-handedly wiped out an entire Diamond Kingdom army, including two of the eight Shining Generals.

During the Golden Dawn invasion, he was able to defeat the entire Golden Dawn. The name and powers of Zenon’s devil are currently unknown. However, he was able to toy with Yuno’s Spirit of Zephyr with his devil’s power.

He also made Luck Voltia cower in fear, saying, “I don’t wanna fight him!,” which is a pretty marvelous feat in itself.

Luck Voltia scared of Zenon

II. Zenon’s Final Battle

At the end of the Spade Kingdom arc, Zenon and his devil will finally battle against Yuno and Sylph, assisted by William Vengeance. In the entirety of Black Clover, I have only seen William furious once, when he said to Zenon:

No matters who you are…

…No one hurts my brigade members and gets away with it!!

After his invasion, Golden Dawn lost half of its members, after which, Yuno vowed to take revenge against him as the Magic Knight of Clover or prince of Spade. This also goes with Zenon’s last name being Zograti, since Zograti siblings were the ones who assassinated Yuno’s parents.

III. Why Zenon will become stronger than Vanica? [Theory]

During the Elf Resurrection arc, it was confirmed that no matter how much less screen time Tabata gives to Yuno, the latter is still a secondary protagonist for the manga. As explained earlier, the story is progressing towards Dante vs. Asta, Vanica vs. Noelle, and Zenon vs. Yuno.

It would neither make sense for Yuno to fight Vanica nor in Yuno fighting someone who is the weakest antagonist. Therefore, it is inevitable that Zenon will become stronger than Vanica very soon.

4. About Black Clover

Black Clover is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata. It began serialization on February 16th, 2015, in Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump. The manga has collected 24 volumes in tankōbon format. 

Asta and Yuno are two orphans within the Clover Kingdom. Black Clover traces their journey as they seek to fulfill their ambitions. While people are born with the ability to use Mana power and exercise their magic, Asta was not.

Instead, he trains hard to compensate for it. The story follows these two frenemies as they each join a Magic Squad and set their path to becoming the Wizard King (Magic Emperor).


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