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Black Clover Chapter 262: Nacht’s Devil Revealed

Black Clover has introduced a whole new quirky character for us to gawk at, and we aren’t complaining. Nacht, the vice-captain of the Black Bulls, is here to aid Asta in his quest but currently overshadows Asta’s powers.

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Chapter 261 of Black Clover showed us glimpses of Nacht overpowering Asta, but we were still unsure if he was a friend or foe.

However, Chapter 262 cleared our doubts and showed the plot taking a deeper plunge.

Nacht’s Devil

Nacht’s devil is named Guimero. At first glance, he is seen as a tiny devil sitting on Nacht’s shoulder, almost like a pet.

Black Clover Chapter 262
Nacht | Source: Fandom

However, the power of the devil is evident when Asta is pinned to the ground with barely any effort.

Guimero Vs. Other Devils

The first and foremost difference that can be noted between Guimero and other devils like Megicula or Lucifero is the appearance. While other devils barely ever show themself to others, Guimero sits on Nacht’s shoulder quite casually.

The relationship between Nacht and Guimero is the opposite of the other devils to their humans.

Black Clover Chapter 262
Megicula | Source: Fandom

Vanica and Megicula are depicted as having a relationship where they treat each other as equals and sometimes get into a conflict of opinions.

Asta’s devil clearly looks down upon him, and it is obvious that devils look down upon anyone who shows even a shred of weakness.

Then why exactly does Guimero address Nacht as “Sir”? How is their relationship so casual? The only explanation to this is that Nacht himself is so powerful that even a devil respects him.

Guimero’s Power

Guimero’s power seems to be shadow manipulation. In the previous chapters, Nacht has been seen using the shadows and even in chapter 261, shadow hands had sprung out to restrain Asta.

Since Nacht offers to help Asta gain more power, it is clear that he is way more skilled at using his power and his devil’s powers than Asta.

About Black Clover

Black Clover is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata. It began its serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump from February 2015 and currently has 23 volumes in tankōbon format.

Black Clover follows the life of Asta, a young boy without magic powers within a World of Magic. His circumstance does not hinder his dream of becoming the next Wizard King.

Along with his frenemy, Yuno, Asta sets into the world of Magic Knights and Squads in hopes of making his dream a reality.

Source: Black Clover Chapter 262

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