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Billions Season 5 Premiere: The Machiavellian Revenge

Billions is perhaps one of the finest shows by showtime today. The season premiere keeps us hooked with the nail-biting David vs. Goliath tale between Bobby Axel Rod and Chuck Rhoades.

The sheer megalomaniacal tone of both the protagonists brings an incredible level of energy and excitement to the show.  Also, the title track of the album Bad Company — Bad Company just sets the mood spot on for this excellent premiere episode.

1. Axel vs. Chuck

In the previous seasons, we have seen Bobby Axel Rod and Chuck Rhoades be mortal enemies and try every trick in the book to bring each other down.

We have seen unusual circumstances with both of them coming together to help Chuck’s wife, Wendy Rhoades [who works at Axe Capital out of a complex situation] with the law, and save her practice.

Again it was Axe who came through for her, not Chuck. This was an interesting plot twist to bring the two nemeses together for the majority of the season with a common cause they both dearly cared for.

2. Billions Season 4

The last season, on the other hand, was full of the rivalry between Taylor Mason and Axe. Eventually, it ended with Taylor Mason being bankrupt and Axe floating his company funds to bring it within the ambit of Axe Capital, which was looked at as a homecoming for Taylor Mason and his crew.

The other noteworthy developments over these last two seasons were when Axe and Chuck saved Wendy’s practice, there seemed a chance that Chuck and Wendy’s marriage may survive.

Still, it became clear that Wendy would move on. Also, Axe helped get Chuck elected to the Attorney General’s office in a bid to ensure he has eyes and ears on the inside of the judicial system and perhaps even have Chuck as his own guinea pig to do dirty work and drop sensitive cases against him.

3. Season 5 Premiere! 

This season’s premiere begins with Chuck’s dad getting remarried and Chuck making a speech the best man’s speech at this event.

It also has his junior — Kate coming over to announce she’s ready to make an arrest. Chuck notices his son drinking whiskey and tells him to have a drink with him and not slyly drink at the event.

Axe and Wagner are seen at a Sharman’s tent somewhere deep into Canada on a Spiritual Journey of sorts. We find out Axe now has attained a net worth of 10 Billion Dollars but still has no sense of achievement in life. He’s trying to figure his way forward.

They take a potion, which helps clear their minds and gives Axe a lot of clarity to be the mean domineering machine he is and conquer the entire world!

They head back, and Wags has a photoshoot arranged for Axe for the cover of Vanity Fair Magazine, which he thinks will help garner more investors.

4. Prince of the Investment World

They show up at the photoshoot along with Wendy to find out it’s not just for Axe but a bunch of Savvy Hedge fund managers, one of which is the ‘Prince of the Investment World’ — Mike.

After the photoshoot, Axe learns that there is a hiccup with his bitcoin mining outfit and has to leave in a hurry.

Mike, Billions Season 4 | Source: The NY Times, Jeff Neumann/Showtime

As Axe left the photoshoot early the next day, he realizes he’s been played, and Mike has made it on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine solo. This honestly pisses Axe off, and he agrees to come on his convention for a fireside chat to go on the offensive and get back at him.

We see the Prince as being a possible third important new character introduced for this season, perhaps a giant of giants who wants to crush Axe.

5. Chuck & Wendy – No More?

Chuck exits his ‘special place’ the morning after the wedding and sees a barrage of messages from Wendy about their son throwing up after drinking too much and rushes to her apartment.

Their son’s asleep and Wendy blames Chuck for not being there and his irresponsible self, this is a pivotal moment as she decides its time they announce their separation to the public today itself.

billions season 5 premiere
Chuck & Wendy, Billions Season 4 | Source: Vox

This truly hurts and antagonizes him as he tells her he’s failed in keeping his two loves — justice and Wendy.

Inherently one feels he blames the same person — Bobby Axelrod for both. Him being a corrupt attorney, losing his wife and being lonely. While she lives comfortably with Bobby Axelrod’s support in his spare apartment with Van Gogh’s.

6. Chuck’s Revenge

The ‘hiccup’ with the Bitcoin mining company was created by Chuck, who scoops the two engineers and tries to intimidate them into ratting on Axelrod.

This a very significant scene in the episode as it shows that in reality, Chuck is maneuvering to try and get Axelrod even though on the face of it, he claims to be an ally.

Chuck, on the other hand, has a verbal agreement with Taylor to give him inside information on Axe’s trades and moves so he can find some foul play and get him.

He then visits Taylor to ask for any information about the Bitcoin mining setup and how he could confirm Axe’s involvement. Mason tells him he’s not on the inside and doesn’t have much to contribute.

7. The Twist

Now comes the beautiful plot twist, Taylor Mason meets Axe and confesses he’s in cahoots with Chuck to bring him down, coming completely clean.

Axe tells him to ‘Neutralize Rhoades.’ Axe asks mason what he should do? -– mason suggests reminding him why being your friend is the smartest course of action.

billions season 5 premiere
Chuck (left), Axel (middle), Taylor Mason (right) | Source: Jeff Neumann/Showtime

Just before Axe goes over to Chuck’s place -– Wendy releases the press statement about their separation. Axe arrives with “something meaningful” for Chuck – a first edition Churchill’s signed by him.

These books he has bought out from an antique books store and as a goodwill gesture was returning them. Explaining to Chuck -– Axe tells him that’s what he does -– corners markets.

Reminding Chuck that when they weren’t friends, the world was a very hot and uncomfortable place — almost a polite threat.

Chuck meets his junior — Kate and tells her it’s a triple cross and that Taylor Mason has told Axe about him being involved with Chuck. Hence, Chuck starts to devise a plan as the sound dims, and the camera rolls on…

Epic Season Premiere! 

Originally Written By Epic Dope

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