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Top 10 Must-Watch Dubbed Romance Anime on Hulu & Where To Watch Them!

Albeit not the most popular genre of anime, romance anime has the ability to hit you in the feels consistently like no other genre.

From the warm fuzzy feeling in your chest to gut-wrenching heartbreaks, romance anime nail the whole spectrum of emotions no matter the language.

Many of us have grown used to reading subtitles while watching anime, but sometimes the experience is not fully engaging. While many dubs do not live up to their subbed counterparts, for some reason, romance anime has consistently good dubbing.

Even within the realm of Romance anime, not all dubs are created equal. Some of them make us feel things we never imagined that we would while watching anime in English.

Here are the best-dubbed romance anime that you can check out on Hulu.

10. Kamisama Kiss

This is one of those cute, wholesome shows that you can watch out of order. The comedy in this series is just as prevalent as the romance aspect, making this perfect for a casual watch.

The relationship between Nanami and Tomoe is strange but funny at the same time. The cobra and Mongoose dynamic make this especially funny than most things on the list.

Top 10 Dubbed Romance Anime on Hulu
Kamisama Kiss | Source: Funimation

Nanami Momozono is a kind-hearted girl who is forced out of her home due to her father’s debts. After saving a man from a dog, she is gifted with a run-down shrine as a token of gratitude.

She becomes the shrine deity and lives with Tomoe, Onikiri, and Kotetsu, familiars of the shrine. She begins fulfilling her divine duties and ends up developing feelings for her yokai familiar Tomoe.

Watch Kamisama Kiss on:

9. Golden Time

Unlike other romance anime, this one takes place in a college setting, making it a bit more mature than the others. This is quite a breath of fresh air for the genre that seems to be forever stuck in high school.

Tada Banri is a college student who suffers from amnesia due to an accident in the past. He does not remember anything from his hometown or his past.

Golden Time Official English Trailer
Golden Time Official English Trailer

He meets another freshman Mitsuo Yanagisawa and his obsessive childhood friend Koko Kaga. He finds himself getting over his amnesia and finding a new life in college, where he begins to feel something Koko that he has never felt before.

Watch Golden Time on:

8. Clannad

Clannad is a story about finding meaning in your life at a time where everything can seem to be meaningless. This is a very subtle coming of age story of Tomoya, where his shoulders become strong when he has a burden to bear.

Tomoya Okazaki is a delinquent who plans to skip his high school away along with his friend Youhei Sunohara.

While going to school, he interacts with Nagisa Furukawa, a girl who talks to herself constantly. He ends up befriending Nagisa and begins helping her achieve his goal of reviving the school’s drama club along with four other girls.

Tomoya begins to find meaning in his life while helping Nagisa and the other girls overcome their problems.

Watch Clannad on:

7. Kaguya sama: Love is War

You will not have this much fun seeing two tsunderes interact in any other series. It is hilarious to see the high-functioning capabilities of two teenagers work against them. The elaborate mind games over trivial things make it somewhat akin to Death Note.

Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya serve as the student council president and vice president at the prestigious Shuchiin Academy.

Kaguya is the heiress to the wealthy Shinomiya empire. She is excellent at everything he does, while Miyuki is the top student of the academy and is well respected by his peers.

Top 10 Dubbed Romance Anime on Hulu
Kaguya Sama | Source: IMDb

However, despite both having already developed feelings for the other, neither are willing to admit them. The first to confess loses, will be looked down upon and will be considered the lesser.

With their honor and pride at stake, Miyuki and Kaguya are both equally determined to be the ones to emerge victorious on the battlefield of love!

Watch Kaguya-sama: Love is War on:

6. Toradora

This is one of the few series where the slow build-up to the main romance is worth it. Although Ryuji and Taiga interact throughout the series, they do not discover the true nature of their relationship until the very end of the show.

I find this incredibly refreshing as the discovery is gratifying, given the buildup throughout the show’s run.

Toradora! - Official English Trailer
Toradora! – Official English Trailer

Ryuji Takasu is a second-year high school student with a stern face, leading to people mistaking him as a delinquent despite his gentle nature. He is best friends with Yusaku Kitamura and Minori Kushieda, the girl he has a crush on.

One day he meets Taiga Aisaka, a girl with cute looks and a feisty personality. She reveals she has a crush on his best friend Yusaku while she is best friends with his crush Minori.

They end up making an arrangement to set each other up with their crushes, unable to realize what their alliance is actually leading to.

Watch Toradora! on:

5. Snow White with the Red hair

You will like this series if you are a fan of medieval settings. Studio Bones did not spare any expense while making this one.

I like this one a lot because it is very basic in its execution and does not try to be complex for no reason. The English voice cast does a great job, making this one of the few dubs on par with the sub.

Top 10 Dubbed Romance Anime on Hulu
Snow White with the Red hair | Source: Funimation

Shirayuki is a red-haired herbalist living in the country of Tanbarun. She functions as a joyful independent girl until her hair is noticed by Prince Raj of the Tanbarun kingdom, who orders her to become his mistress.

Not wanting to give up her freedom, she cuts her hair and escapes to the neighboring country of Clarines with the help of Prince Zaji and her two aides. To repay her debt, she works hard to become the court herbalist and eventually becomes closer to the prince.

Watch Snow White With the Red Hair on:

4. Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai

There is a lot of weird concepts in this anime. I suggest it is best to ignore the technicalities and focus on character interactions.

Top 10 Dubbed Romance Anime on Hulu
Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai | Source: Funimation

Sakuta Azusagawa is a high school student who knows the severity of Puberty Syndrome from his own experiences. He meets Mai Sakurajima, a victim of Puberty Syndrome, who appears invisible to people around her.

Sakuta ends up helping Mai with her problems and some other girls with the same problem that he ends up meeting along the way.

Watch Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai on:

3. My Love Story

Although the story begins in a very generic fashion, it establishes itself differently as it progresses. You can not help but admire the sense of personal sacrifice that Takeo embodies throughout the show, making some of the interactions painful to watch.

My Love Story!! - Official Trailer
My Love Story!! – Official Trailer

Takeo Gouda is an intimidating high schooler with a tall and muscular build. However, he is a gentle giant with a heart of gold. One day, he saves Rinko Yamato from a groper, a petite shy girl he falls in love with.

Rinko ends up liking Takeo’s best friend, Makoto Sunakawa, a charming guy with good looks. Upon realizing this, Takeo unselfishly decides to root for their relationship as his love for Yamato blossoms.

Watch My Love Story on:

2. Maid-Sama

This is the first manga I ever read to completion, making this particularly nostalgic for me. There are many stories about exceptional people coming together romantically, but none seem to hold a candle to this one.

Misaki Ayuzawa is the student council president of recently turned coed Seika Highschool. She is known as the Demon President across the school because of her hostility towards male students.

Top 10 Dubbed Romance Anime on Hulu
Maid-Sama | Source: Netflix

But she has a secret. She works at a Maid cafe in order to support her family, contrary to her behavior at school.

Usui Takumi, the most popular guy at school, ends up discovering her secret and threatens to expose her if she doesn’t follow his orders. He ends up becoming a regular at the cafe to become closer to Misaki.

Watch Maid-Sama! on:

1. Your Lie in April

This is one of those stories that will surely hit you in the feels. I suggest you prepare yourself for the ending as it slow encompasses the fairly light mood of the story as it dawns.

Although this series can be appreciated at the surface level, I highly suggest you research the history of some of the musical pieces played during the series as it adds an extra layer of sophistication to the story.

Top 10 Dubbed Romance Anime on Hulu
Your Lie in April | Source: Fandom

Kosei Arima is a former childhood music prodigy who stopped playing the piano due to burnout and his mother’s death.

Kosei ends up meeting Kaori Miyazono, a free-spirited violinist who is everything musically that Kosei is not.

He ends up rediscovering his love for music with the help of Kaori while she hides a secret.

Watch Your Lie in April on:

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