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Deatte 5-Byou De Battle Gives A Better Look at The Characters in 2nd PV

Dueling with someone moments after you meet them sounds too barbaric right? But Battle in 5 Seconds After Meeting is an anime where this practice is quite common.

Handshakes and exchanging names aren’t even a part of first meetings with strangers in this anime. There are only two options here: Always be prepared with your fighting strategy or with your last words because no one will protect you here.

The survival game anime, Battle in 5 Seconds After Meeting revealed a new PV for the show that will premiere on July 12th.

The second official teaser PV for the TV anime “Battle in 5 Seconds”

The characters are shown in more depth in this second trailer with more scenes of their personality and behavior portrayed. We catch glimpses of the side characters Madoka Kirisaki and Shin Kumagiri as well.

The trailer very subtly focuses on Yuuri Amagake, one of the main characters of the show. It shows her traits, emotions, and feelings about the whole survival game situation they’re in. She is shown as a fierce person who puts up a brave front but is very weak emotionally.

In addition, we get a preview of the opening theme of the song ‘No Continue’ performed by Akari Kito for the first time!

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TV anime “Meet and battle in 5 seconds”
Information ban on special program just before broadcasting and 2nd PV! ️ ✨
I can also listen to “No Continue” that I sing ☺️
Nice to meet you! ️

English Translation, Twitter Translate

An MV for the shorter version of the song of the opening theme was also released on Kito’s official YouTube, and you can check it out right here:

鬼頭明里「No Continue」Music Video Short ver.
Akari Kito “No Continue” Music Video Short ver.

A special program will also take place before the official broadcast of the anime on Japan’s various TV channels from July 5t.

✨ Special program just before broadcasting & PV 2nd information ban ✨

◆ Special broadcast information
TOKYO MX, BS11: 7/5 (Monday) 24: 00-
AT-X: 7/6 (Tue) 23: 30 ~
Kansai Telecasting Corporation: 7/8 (Thursday) 26: 55-

◆ Performers
Kei Shirayanagi: #Ayumu Murase
Yuri Tensho: #Aimi
Mion: #Mayumi Shintani
Yang: #Akari Kito

🎉 2nd PV release 🎉


#Meeting 5 # dea5

English Translation, Twitter Translate

The cast members Ayumu Murase, Aimi, Mayumi Shintani, and Akari Kito, will be the guest performers of the special program.

The anime takes place inside a survival video game where you have to battle people you’ve just met. The protagonist Akira is dragged into a face-off by Mion, who seems like the show’s main antagonist.

Akira gains some special powers which make him super strong but will he be able to change this brutal and heartless reality?

Let us know what you think!

About Battle in 5 Seconds After Meeting

Battle in 5 Seconds After Meeting is a superpower manga by Saizo Harawata and Miyakokasiwa. It was launched on the Ura Sunday webcomic service in 2015.

Akira Shiroyanagi, a highschool boy, suddenly gets involved in a battle with a mysterious girl named Mion. After going through experiments in a suspicious facility, he gains superpowers.

However, what is the result of the experiment? What happens to the ones who lose in battles?

Source: Battle in 5 Seconds After Meeting Official Website

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