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‘Bastard!!’ Anime to Continue with Part 2 from Mid-September

Dark Schneider and Arshes Nei’s rip-roaring battle ended with a highly unexpected outcome and a frustrating cliffhanger. All everyone can think about now is when Netflix will give us Bastard!! anime’s second part.

It’s a good thing that Netflix releases all episodes at once because a one-week wait between the last two episodes would have been torturous. The fight was so intense and emotionally charged that it felt like you were experiencing it for real.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for two whole months to see the consequences of Schneider’s actions.

Bastard!! -Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy- anime’s second part is scheduled for release on September 15, 2022. It will include episodes 14-24 that will be available on Netflix.

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Episodes 14 to 24 will be distributed on Netflix on Thursday, September 15, 2022!

There is also information on episodes 14 to 24 in the special program, so please have a look!

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Part one concluded with Schneider transferring the Helloween spell somewhere else, most likely to Abigail, to finish him off. As part of Arshes’ Accused spell, Schneider rips out his heart to save his daughter from the curse’s terrible fate.

Frustratingly, Schneider’s dramatic and bloody display of killing himself is where the anime ends. Now we’ll have to wait to find out if that perverted dark wizard is really dead, which seems unlikely.

One thing is for sure: the kingdom of Metallicana has gained a new ally. There’s no doubt about Arshes joining Schneider as soon as she’s free from the Accused curse.

'Bastard!!' Anime to Continue with Part 2 from Mid-September
Bastard!! | Source: Crunchyroll

Let’s not forget about Kall-Su either. Now that Arshes and Gara have joined Schneider, Kall-Su might confront the dark wizard himself, resulting in a devilishly destructive battle.

The anime’s first part was just the beginning of a saga that will go beyond worlds. It will get more dangerous, but that just means more exciting adventures for Schneider and company.

About Bastard!!

Bastard!! is a dark fantasy manga by Kazushi Hagiwara. It was first serialized in 1988 in the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine. It currently ongoing in the Ultra Jump magazine.

The protagonist, Dark Schneider, is a wizard who is feared more than the evil creatures who haunt the people. The series is filled with rage, horror, sorcery, and power struggles. It is a perfect fit for Berserk fans.

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