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Bakugo’s Voice Actor, Okamoto on Hiatus Due to Vocal Cord Injury

Voice actors are a major part of the anime industry. It is these people who make the characters on screen come to life by lending their voices. In Japan, voice actors are valued almost as much as pop-idols. Their work is not only limited to anime but extends to video game voices, ads, CDs, performances, etc.

Nobuhiko Okamoto, the popular voice actor, wrote on his blog about the deteriorating condition of his vocal cord. On his Line blog, he mentioned that he has to go on a break starting June 1st for one month.

Nobuhiko Okamoto is the voice actor behind characters from major anime: Bakugou (My Hero Academia), Karma (Assassination Classroom), Khun (Tower of God), Nishinoya (Haikyu!!).

Okamoto revealed that his throat has been causing discomfort for quite a while, but he couldn’t get a surgery sooner due to the ongoing pandemic.

But now it seems surgery is imminent and it is scheduled in June. He has to rest his throat after the operation and will keep updating fans about his health through his blog.

Profit, the agency of Okamoto, revealed that he has been working while balancing his treatment and a busy schedule, but this time the surgery seems like a necessity.

As already reported, the work for season 5 of My Hero Academia is already underway and Haikyu!! cour 2 of season 4 is delayed due to the pandemic. From the looks of it, Okamoto might not be able to voice the characters that he plays in the respective anime until he recovers from the surgery.

This is likely to delay the production procedure of the anime that he is a part of.

Fans have shown support for the voice actor through their comments. They wished for his speedy recovery, and we hope he doesn’t push things before fully recovering.

Source: Lineblog

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