Original Sci-fi Anime ‘Astro Note’ Receives a Main Promotional Video


  • ‘Astro Note’ has received its first promotional video.
  • The video reveals the main characters of the anime along with the opening theme song.
  • The story focuses on the romance of Takumi and Mira, who isn’t from this world.

Astro Sage is a new, upcoming original anime that promises a blend of comedy, romance, and science fiction. And, if the anime manages to deliver what it is promising, it is bound to attract the attention of audiences all over the world.

The anime was first announced in December, and now the studio is back with more information.

The official website for ‘Astro Note’ released its first promotional video. Cast members for the anime have also been revealed.


The brief promotional video has a bright tone and begins with the introduction of our main character, Mira. She seems ordinary until the clip rewinds to reveal her landing on Earth with a spaceship.

The video introduces other characters while Ai Furihata’s theme song ‘Hohoemi Note’ plays in the background.

 The anime has revealed a list of cast members working on the anime.

CharacterCastOther Works
Shokichi YamashitaShinichirō MikiBleach (Kisuke Urahara)
Tomohiro WakabayashiTomokazu SugitaBackflip!! (Hideo Ōminato)
Ren WakabayashiRie KugimiyaWorld’s End Harem  (Happy)
NaosukeJunichi SuwabeBleach  (Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez)
Mira GotokujiMaaya UchidaDate A Live II (Kaguya Yamai)
Takumi MiyasakiSōma SaitōClassroom of the Elite (Miyabi Nagumo)
Aoi UemachiYui OguraPole Princess!! (Mio Tōsaka)
Shoin GingerJun FukuyamaBlack Butler (Grell)
Teruko MatsubaraAi FurihataLove Live! Sunshine!! (Ruby Kurosawa)

The anime is stacked with top-voice actors, and the trailer seems engaging. It is one of the few shows with a unique plot line. It will be interesting to see where the story takes us.

About Astro Note

‘Astro Note’ is an original sci-fi romance comedy anime scheduled for April 2024. Crunchyroll claims the licence for simulcasting the anime.

Takumi Miyasaki was unfortunately fired from his job. Being a talented chef, he accepts a job at a boarding house named Astro-sou. Here, his career is cooking breakfast, and he seemed disinterested.

However, things start to look bright for our ‘Astro Note’ protagonist as he comes across a beautiful landlady. The two seem to grow fond of each other, but Takumi seems unaware that Mira, the woman he likes, is not from this world.

Source: Official Website

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