ASRock rumored to prepare for three AMD RX 7600 8GB cards for launch

Yesterday, GIGABYTE registered a few variants of the AMD Radeon RX 7600 GPU and the Nvidia RTX 4060Ti with the EEC. Reports have risen that AMD is looking to expand.

As per Chief Executive Lisa Su, the company is expanding its portfolio of RX 7000 series. This was confirmed by @harukaze5719, the same leaker responsible for spotting the GIGABYTE leak.

As noted on Twitter by @harukaze5719, ASRock has revealed three variants of the RX 7600 8GB GPU in their registration with the EEC, namely the Challenger OC, the Phantom Gaming, and the Steel Legend OC.

Earlier in the week, it was mentioned that AMD is amping up its productions for the release of the RX 7700 XT, 7600 XT, and 7500 XT. However, reports of non-XT versions were scarce, other than GIGABYTE’s registration with the EEC.

It has been mentioned that ASRock intends to offer these three cards factory overclocked. The three have different price points, targeting three tiers of budgets and requirements. 

Factory-overclocking means that the RX 7600 series by ASRock will have a nonstandard design. This means that the cards may have some additional capabilities unheard of in the series before.

It has also been mentioned that AMD might likely follow Nvidia’s tactic of splitting the offerings between MSRP (or reference) cards and non-reference models. Interesting is the absence of the Challenger ITX design available with the Radeon 6600 series. 

The listing also mentions Intel’s low-profile Arc A380 GPU, aimed at entry-level “compact desktops” that would require discrete GPUs for light gaming and computation.

While a product is listed with the EEC only a couple of weeks before its release, it has happened before that some products get delisted closer to the launch.

Thus, this must be taken with a grain of salt and as a mere rumor. However, this news will please fans of Team Red in their quest for an excellent performance-to-price ratio for a GPU.

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