MAPPA’s ‘Zenshu’ Anime will be a Reflective Journey Through the Anime Industry


  • MAPPA revealed it will produce a new original television anime titled ‘ZENSHU.’
  • The main staff, cast, key visual, and a promotional video were released.
  • The story follows Natsuko Hirose, an aspiring animator who discovers her talent after graduating from high school. 

MAPPA is known for creating some of the most highly anticipated anime series in the industry. Their latest addition to this ever-growing lineup is ‘Zenshu.’

The story follows Natsuko Hirose, an aspiring animator who discovers her talent after graduating from high school. Natsuko quickly rises to fame as a director with her debut work becoming a social phenomenon and earning her the title of an up-and-coming genius director.

MAPPA revealed it produces a new original television anime titled ‘ZENSHU.’ The studio also revealed the main cast and staff, a teaser visual and a promotional video for the anime. 

TVアニメ『全修。』ティザーPV / “ZENSHU” Teaser Trailer

The PV features Natsuko instructing her assistant to redo the storyboard. When asked for directions, the young animator decides to tackle everything herself. In the anime industry, the term “Zenshu” refers to retaking or fixing everything.

Interestingly, the PV also showcases Natsuko’s exceptional animation skills as she expertly brings her ideas to life.

Original TV anime
Complete training.

Under construction in good faith

Original work: Mitsue Yamazaki Kimiko Ueno MAPPA
Director: Mitsue Yamazaki
Screenplay: Kimiko Ueno
Character draft: Yoshiteru Tsujino
Character design: Kayoko Ishikawa
Production: MAPPA

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The key visual depicts Natsuko Hirose working on her anime project in a desert setting.

The original work is credited to Mitsue Yamasaki, Kimiko Ueno, and MAPPA. The following staff members will be involved in the production.

RoleStaff MemberNotable Works
DirectorYamasakiAttack on Titan
ScriptwriterUenoAstro Note
Assistant DirectorSumie NoroSaint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence
Character & Environment Concept ArtistYoshiteru TsujinoFLCL: Grunge
Character Designer & Chief Animation DirectorKayoko IshikawaSarazanmai
Chief Animation DirectorShuuji Takahara, Kazuko Hayakawa, Etsuko Sumimoto Overlord
Music ComposerYukari HashimotoKomi Can’t Communicate, March comes in like a lion

The leading voice cast has also been revealed and here is the list.

RoleCast MemberOther Works
Natsuko HiroseAnna NagaseRiko Amanai (Jujutsu Kaisen 2) 
Luke BraveheartKazuki UraYoichi Isagi (BLUELOCK)
UnioRie KugimiyaHappy (Fairy Tail )
MemmelnMinori SuzukiBenjamin (Sugar Apple Fairy Tale )
QJAkio SuyamaIchiro Ogami (Sakura Wars)

It’s intriguing that MAPPA, a studio that has been in the middle of significant controversies over its animators’ mistreatment, is now producing a movie about the process of making anime. 

Despite this, the film promises to be both enlightening and entertaining, as it portrays the animator’s struggles. The use of vibrant colors and unique storyline adds an exciting dimension to the movie. 

It is a fascinating watch as MAPPA ventures into uncharted territory and, hopefully, distances itself from past controversies.


“Zenshu” is an upcoming original Japanese anime television series by MAPPA, directed by Mitsue Yamazaki and written by Kimiko Ueno. The series features music by Yukari Hashimoto and character designs by Yoshiteru Tsujino, adapted for animation by Kayoko Ishikawa.

The story follows Natsuko Hirose, who becomes an animator after graduating high school and develops her talent. Natsuko quickly made her directorial debut, and her first directorial work became a huge hit, becoming a social phenomenon. She was highly praised as an up-and-coming genius director.

Her next work has been decided to be a theatrical romantic comedy based on her first love, but Natsuko, who has never loved anyone, does not understand her first love well and is unable to draw a storyboard for her, so she is unable to make the film.

Source: Official Website

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