Ant-Man 3 Easter Eggs & References You May Have Missed

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania features various Easter eggs that pay homage to earlier Ant-Man movies, the MCU at large, and the Marvel Comics. The movie marks the return of Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne since their last appearance in Avengers: Endgame and serves to both celebrate their Marvel history and pave the way for the future of the MCU. 

While some of the allusions are integrated into the plot, many of the hints are conveyed through subtle references and Easter eggs. Given the sheer size of the MCU, it’s hardly surprising that Quantumania is full of Easter eggs that refer to previous as well as future MCU films and TV shows. 

In addition, the third Ant-Man installment features nods to beloved comic book characters and classic panels. Without a doubt, fans of the MCU are in for a real treat, with an abundance of Easter eggs and references to discover throughout the movie. Here, we’ll explore and explain all the MCU Easter eggs and references found in Ant-Man 3. 

A Reference to He Who Remains

In the Marvel Studios intro sequence of Quantumania, the original Kang variant known as He Who Remains can be seen. Kang the Conqueror, the variant of Kang who is the main antagonist in the film, does not make his appearance until later in the movie. However, we had already met the first variant of Kang aka He Who Remains in the Loki season 1 finale. 

In Loki, it was revealed that He Who Remains was responsible for the TVA and the events that took place, and the character hinted at the potential danger that could come from the other variants of Kang.

Janet van Dyne Lied About the Quantum Realm

In both Ant-Man and its sequel, Ant-Man and the Wasp, the disappearance of Janet van Dyne into the Quantum Realm was a central plot point. In the second film, Janet, the original Wasp, claimed that she was the only inhabitant of the Quantum Realm. 

However, the newly released MCU movie quickly dispels that notion, revealing that the Quantum Realm is home to entire civilizations of sentient beings. Among them is Kang the Conqueror, who appears to have found himself stranded in the Quantum Realm in a manner similar to Janet’s.

Ant-Man’s Celebrity Era is Here

Scott Lang did not make a live-action appearance in Phase 4 of the MCU. Nonetheless, there have been several references to his character in recent releases. For instance, Hawkeye’s Steve Rogers musical had an unexpected Ant-Man cameo. Ms. Marvel also revealed in her titular series that Scott Lang has started a podcast after his heroic efforts in Avengers: Endgame. 

Ant-Man 3 Easter Eggs & References You May Have Missed

Meanwhile, the book authored by Scott Lang, which we see in Quantumania, was spotted in the Easter eggs in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. With the release of Quantumania, it is now clear that Ant-Man has become a bona fide celebrity. Scott Lang has written a book titled Look Out For The Little Guy, which details how he saved the day in the climactic Endgame battle.

Ant-Man is Back at Baskin Robbins

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania features several callbacks to the original 2015 Ant-Man movie, with one of the most notable being the appearance of the Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop. In the first film, Scott Lang briefly worked at the shop, but was ultimately fired after the management discovered that he had a criminal record and had been to prison. 

However, in Quantumania, Scott returns to the Baskin-Robbins shop as a celebrity, in his Ant-Man persona. This turn of events is quite curious, considering his previous dismissal from the job. Making the callbacks even more enjoyable is the return of Gregg Turkington as Scott’s boss from the first Ant-Man film, for a fun cameo in Quantumania.

The Return of Jimmy Woo

Randall Park returns as Jimmy Woo in Quantumania, having first appeared as the character in Ant-Man and the Wasp. In the previous film, Woo was assigned to monitor Scott Lang after his involvement in Captain America: Civil War. 

Park reprised his role in WandaVision, where Jimmy, along with Monica Rambeau and Darcy Lewis, assisted in unraveling the mystery surrounding Westview. In Quantumania, Jimmy Woo makes an appearance while having lunch with Scott Lang. 

Cassie’s Introduction is Similar to Ant-Man’s Introduction

The opening scenes of Quantumania draw a parallel between Scott Lang and his daughter, Cassie Lang. In the first Ant-Man, we meet Scott while he is still in prison, eager to get out and start a new life. 

Ant-Man 3 Easter Eggs & References You May Have Missed
Cassie and Ant-Man

In a similar fashion, Cassie is introduced in Quantumania as someone who finds herself in trouble with the law, having been arrested for helping people who lost their homes after the blip. Scott and Hope come to her aid, just as they had helped Scott when he was in prison. 

This parallel highlights the theme of family that runs throughout the Ant-Man films, as well as the notion of generational heroes passing on the mantle to their children.

Cassie Remembers Yellowjacket

In the beginning of Quantumania, Cassie Lang brings up an event from the past where she was attacked by Yellowjacket at the end of the first Ant-Man movie. Cassie was only six years old at the time, and her recollection of the incident serves as a callback to the unique third act battle of Ant-Man. 

In addition to this, the reference to the “bee guy” is also a setup for the return of the villain Darren Cross as MODOK in the film. Despite Scott’s desire for Cassie to have a normal life, the past continues to haunt her and the events of the first film still have a significant impact on their lives.

Reference to Spider-Man and Captain America

In Quantumania, Scott Lang is reminded of his involvement in the events of Captain America: Civil War, specifically when he “fought Captain America.” Scott clarifies that he was actually on Captain America’s side during the battle. He expresses that nobody in their right mind would want to fight Captain America.

The MCU also has a running joke about the existence of both Spider-Man and Ant-Man. In one scene of Quantumania, the owner of the coffee shop that Scott Lang frequently visits mistakenly refers to him as “Spider-Man”, revealing himself as a huge fan of the superhero. Scott takes advantage of the situation and gets a free cup of coffee.

Cassie Could be a Young Avenger 

In Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Cassie Lang becomes a superhero, but she doesn’t receive an official superhero name or declare that she will keep using the Pym Particles and the Ant-Man suit. 

Ant-Man 3 Easter Eggs & References You May Have Missed

However, she was taught by Hank Pym and Hope van Dyne how to use the Pym Particles, and based on her journey in the Quantum Realm, Cassie Lang is expected to come back in the MCU as Stature, her superhero avatar, and join the Young Avengers

The Council of Kangs

In Quantumania’s first post-credits scene, the Council of Kangs makes its debut in a sequence that perfectly emulates a panel from Avengers #292. The Council of Kangs is an assemblage of numerous multiversal versions of Nathaniel Richards, such as Kang Prime, Immortus, Rama-Tut, and Scarlet Centurion, as seen in the comics. 

The MCU’s Council of Kangs is also a reunion of several Kang variants from different universes, much like in the comics. In the post-credits scene of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, it is possible to identify at least two major Kang variants from the comics, namely Immortus and Rama-Tut.

Loki and Mobius’ Cameo

The popular duo from Loki season 1, Loki and Mobius, make a comeback in the second post-credits scene of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. 

They are seen in the audience listening to Victor Timely, which is a cause for concern given the fact that a variant of Kang took over the TVA in Loki season 1. It is unclear how much they know about Kang the Conqueror, but their reaction suggests that they are afraid of him.

Victor Timely’s Introduction

In the second post-credits scene of Quantumania, viewers are introduced to Victor Timely, a Kang variant who was a politician and inventor in the early 20th century in the comics. 

Ant-Man 3 Easter Eggs & References You May Have Missed
Victor Timely

It’s worth noting that in the comics, Victor Timely is Kang Prime, who went back in time and posed as someone from the early 20th century. It’s not clear whether the Victor Timely in Quantumania’s post-credits scene is also Kang the Conqueror in disguise or if he is a different variant of Kang.

The Heist Theme in the Ant-Man Franchise

In Quantumania, Kang the Conqueror requires Ant-Man’s help to steal something from the Quantum Realm. As a result, Scott Lang must perform another heist, even though he left his life of crime behind years ago. 

This mirrors the beginning of Scott’s journey as Ant-Man, where he had to steal from Hank Pym’s house. Now, he must retrieve the multiversal engine from Kang’s ship, completing the full circle of Scott’s journey. The recurring theme of high-stakes heists is present throughout all Ant-Man movies.

The MCU’s Design of the Multiverse

The MCU has maintained a consistent visual representation of the multiverse since the first episode of Loki season 1. This same style of illustration was subsequently used to depict the multiverse in Spider-Man: No Way Home and reappears in Quantumania. 

Ant-Man 3 Easter Eggs & References You May Have Missed
The Multiverse

In the movie, Kang uses the flow of time to reveal to Janet van Dyne the countless timelines that exist within the MCU’s multiverse. This visualization is similar to the lines that are seen in both Loki and No Way Home.

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About Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is an American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics characters Scott Lang / Ant-Man and Hope van Dyne / Wasp. Produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Motion Pictures, it is intended to continue the story of Ant-Man after Ant-Man (2015) and Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018) as a part of the MCU.

Directed by Peyton Reed, it was released on February 17, 2023. Filming began in early February 2021 in Turkey and was also shot in Atlanta, London, and Los Angeles.

It is the thirty-second film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the first instalment of the MCU’s Phase V. The movie follows Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne, along with Hank Pym, Janet Van Dyne and Cassie Lang, battling against the evil time traveler Kang the Conqueror. 

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