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Companies Ally Over Anime Log YouTube Channel to Provide Anime Officially

A lot of anime lovers have encountered the issue of anime unavailability in their region. Even a subscription to Funimation or Crunchyroll can’t guarantee that every anime title can be watched.

Anime Companies Ally Over Youtube Anime Distribution
No Guns Life | Source: Viz Media

Illegal or unofficial websites like kissanime or gogoanime have popped up to take advantage of this limitation. The fact that these sites are free is the cherry on top.

Japan’s top anime companies have realized their shortcomings and have decided to band together to form a platform where anime can be released for a broader audience.

Popular anime companies like Kadokawa or Toei Animation already have their own Youtube channels, but these are only for updates and promotional purposes.

The companies believe that if they band together, their audience will potentially increase.

A video by the AnimeLog Youtube channel announced this initiative.

AnimeLog opened on 14th August, and its target audience is local for now, but it plans to add subtitles in English and other languages to support overseas promotion.

The initiative by the content provider is to group together more than 30 companies so that the Youtube channel can provide fans with over 3000 anime titles by 2022.

These anime can be streamed for free and a count of 300 million per month is the objective.

Muse Asia is an existing Youtube channel which provides official anime to viewers.

Many popular titles like No Guns Life, Goblin Slayer and That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime are currently available with English subtitles on the channel.

Anime Companies Ally Over Youtube Anime Distribution
Goblin Slayer | Source: IMDb

The AnimeLog channel is equipped with anime like Black Jack and Future Boy Conan by the get go and fans are hoping that other titles would follow soon.

Analyze Log was formed in 2018 and has struck up a partnership with companies like Toei Animation, Shin Ei Animation and Shogakukan and has future plans for further extension.

With the competition in the streaming market increasing, Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, Funimation are all equipped with anime and even have exclusive rights to some anime.

However, if these anime are available for free on a single channel, the game would be reversed in no time at all.

Source: AnimeLog Youtube

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